Friday, February 5, 2016

Last Random Journal Day Link-Up

My treasures
This is the last chapter of the Random Journal Day Link-Up with my friends all over the Internet. We are not a huge group but we are a passionate group when it comes to the subject of journal keeping. 

I loved reading the monthly collection of journal entries from so many completely different styles of journal filling. Some were artistic and used drawings and bit of fabric and decoupage pages. Others were poetic and musical, while many of us just filled the pages with words and exclamation points galore!!

In my little world, the last few days have been mind-swirling with excitement and joy. And I can honestly say that my recent bit of success and happiness is directly due to that motley collection of journals at the top of this post.

Available on Amazon

Since you are my friends, you already know that I just published my first book, WALKING BUTTERFLY. The picture below reveals the very very beginnings of this book about my life and conversations with God. I sat down one day a couple of years ago and decided to read through all of the journals I had kept for 30 years and pull out the important and life-changing moments with God. 

I wanted to see if I had enough to create a book about my journey with God. And I never really knew if I had enough until I listed it out like this and then had to narrow it down to the one subject of how much God loves me and all the different ways He tried to get me to believe it over the years. 

Do I need to tell you how thankful I am that I did not throw away my journals? That I lugged them from house to house when we moved, and how I hid certain ones from prying eyes and even tore out pages over the years? I am so happy that when I needed to write about an early morning moment on the floor of an empty sanctuary, I could go back to the exact day's entry and relive it with clarity. 

Writing to you about the value of journal keeping is quite literally preaching to the choir, but it helps to be reminded that you are not wasting your time when you record your thoughts and feelings in detail. Keeping your journal is a form of meditation and contemplation. It is important and vital to your inner peace and ability to be kind to the people in your life. 

Do not stop writing down the stuff that is bouncing around your head. Cherish your journals and your journal habits, they are part of who you are. As for me, I will probably still do my own Random Journal Day every once in a while just like I did before Dawn and I created the link-up version of it. You can too. Because some of your best inspiration has already been written, right? Use it. 

Keep Journaling,
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This Feels Even Better than Expected!

You Guys! My head is still spinning and my heart is jumping at all the excitement in the last 2 days! My little book that could, is finally PUBLISHED! 

WALKING BUTTERFLY is now available for purchase on Amazon! After only one day I already have a lot of sales and I am simply thrilled, overwhelmed and just a little bit excited! 

My cover designer/interior designer did a gorgeous job both inside and out. I did not even know she was adding a background graphic to the chapter title pages and I adore it completely! 

This post should probably be more carefully thought out and strategic I suppose, but my head is still in hyper-lala mode today as I wait for my grandson to come over for a few hours this afternoon. 

The flow of congrats, Likes and sales through FB has been shocking and so affirming to me and my heart. Thank you all so very much! 

Here's some pics of my day yesterday....

Just had a feeling that today was the day!

Still was afraid to open it and be disappointed. 

Not at all disappointed, so pretty!

Ok time to go buy a few copies, right? 

Thank you so much my friends!!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thank You For Being So Encouraging!

Oh my goodness, you guys!!! I am one humming and grinning lady around here lately. I can hardly believe what has been happening. 

It was just a few months ago that I began tentatively mentioning here that I was getting serious about publishing a book that I'd been working on for years. Even then, it felt like I was kinda being careful to just quietly whisper it at the end of a post...because who knows if I would really stick with it? I certainly didn't know. 

And now, now I am anxiously watching the mailbox in front of my house, expecting the PROOF COPY of my book within the next 8 days or so! 

I did it. I completed my christian nonfiction book, and uploaded it to Create Space, Amazon twice to get it right. It passed their review and now a print paperback is in the mail on it's way to my house so I can make sure it is good enough for you guys. Once I am happy with it, I will hit PUBLISH and it will be available for purchase on Amazon. Sometime in the first 2 weeks of February hopefully. :) It will only be available in paperback for now, not digital at this point.

All along this journey, you have been super encouraging and always cheering me on. After all, if the words on this blog had not resonated with anyone, there would be no book. It has been your comments that have let me know I just might be on to something worth sharing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As a small thank you gift that you cannot hold in your hand (sorry) I am now going to.......drum roll please......

Do my COVER REVEAL right here and now for my friends!!!! Lucky you! The first to get a peak at my gorgeous book cover, created by my gifted friend Lorraine Box. I could not be more pleased!! I am doing the cover reveal inside my blog, not as the top pic so that it only shows up for the ones who came to my blog. Aren't you that special? SO....time to scroll down.....So excited!!!


So pretty!! 

Color me Happy Writer! 

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Habit

Walking Butterfly, coming soon!

So I guess what they say about it taking a month to create a new habit, is true. Here I sit early in the morning in my office while Hubs sleeps and the house is still dark. I don't need to be here this morning. 

For the last month or so I have been unable to sleep past 6am. I lie there and wait for the clock to move to a more decent hour for a work-at-home person to arise. But once I wake up, my mind begins buzzing with book stuff. Actually I went to sleep with book stuff on my mind and it kept me company all night pretty much. 

I've read about writers who recommend getting up extra early to create while the mind is fresh. But I resisted because I have more time than I know what to do with. I know that statement makes some of you's not really a very fun way to live though. I am an empty-nester who works from home, sporadically. We need more income but this is what I do for now. 

Anyway, getting up early to write did not make sense to me until 2 months ago when I finally set a date to finish my book and self-publish it. So I gave in to the early morning nudges and popped out of bed every morning ready to wrap myself around a cup of coffee and write in my study while Layla watched from across the room.

It has been a great way to start the day! When Hubs brings in the coffee pot to give me a refill I feel so accomplished and proud of myself!

But this morning, I do not need to be in here. Last night I sent my book off to the person who will format it and get it ready to upload to Amazon whenever I want to. !!!!!! I sent my book-baby off to preschool! So scary and excited! 

This has been a 3 year project, with many seasons of ignoring the project. A lot has happened in our lives in the last 3 years so it is understandable that a silly little book idea might get set on a shelf for a bit. 

But I did it. I completed the book and if all goes well, it will be available in February. My month of LOVE, when I turn 61, celebrate my 38th wedding anniversary and now become an author!! 

I will keep you posted. You will probably get tired of it, but get ready to see my book cover everywhere you turn! Ha! 
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bubble Head & Book Info

Why this pic? Because I have a cold and feeling BUBBLE-HEADED.

We are inching closer and closer to making this book a reality. Day by day and bit by bit, I can actually see the finished product in my head and heart. I am so thankful for the faithful friends who have come along side me to make this happen. Have a tentative publish date of early February if all falls into place smoothly. eek! 

I have friends who've published multiple books and when I think of them I always feel kind of silly for stretching this ONE project out so long, but as Hubs says a lot lately, "It is what it is." Comparison is an evil thing and I am turning my back on it this morning. 
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

About a Little Wooden Plaque

A little wooden plaque sits on my writing desk within my eye-line every day. The original poem is decoupaged with love and it makes me smile. And it makes me want to be that person once again. 

The words that haunt me and inspire me...

"Susie's Window
Sitting by Susie's window,
I'm stirred by the breeze that blows in.
There's nature in it, the birds that cling to the swaying branches and the seeds from the
trees that float, and dance inches from my hands.
The morning is fresh, with a scent that grew overnight.
I've let myself see the open spaces; the entry places to somewhere new.
The dreams that came to me in my sleep last night
take flight in this time.
I've traced the trail she leaves behind,
of all the places You take her and ways You wake her to who You really are.
I've come under the wings of a woman who flies and it's lifted the level of my eyes to a
spacious place, a free place, a quest for where You abide.
Her heart waits for You, and her feet run to find You, and
I've followed at times, to where You are,
Through the wonder in her eyes as she looks for You,
And the praise on her lips when it's You she finds."

Frances was a student in the ministry school that Hubs and I directed for 10 years. What year did you attend Frances? I can never keep track of who was with us in what year. We did not know one another terribly well. She was quiet and I was/am quiet too. But when she gave me this beautifully wrapped gift at graduation I knew she had been silently watching me. 

My favorite spot during our daily worship sessions was right next to a big picture window. It overlooked the trees and creek next door to the church where we housed our school. I had no idea I was making an impression on this beautiful and talented designer from the United Kingdom. 

I miss those mornings full of abandoned worship. Some days were sedate and sweet, others were wild and raucous. Loved it all. We never knew how HE would come. 

But the search was delicious.

Thank you dear Frances for this gift. It reminds me of my past and my present as I continue to look for Him and then 

Praise Him when He finds me. 
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

My ONE WORD For 2016 Is....

My ONE WORD for 2016
Like many, I am choosing ONE WORD for 2016 rather than writing a list of New Year Resolutions. This year when I casually asked God to let me know what my word would be, it came a few days later as I sat down at my desk once again to work on my book dream. 

I resisted at first. PERSEVERE is not very exciting, romantic or emotional, you know? It's not FAITH or TRUST or JOY. And it even LOOKS severe! 

But I have several areas that need inner determination. Lots of things that need to happen and they will not just happen because I wish upon a star or pin them to my Pinterest board.  I have done too much of letting life happen to me in the past. I can go with the flow. But as I approach my 61st birthday next month, I sense a new drive to be a little more proactive.

The first and most obvious item on the list is the publication of my book. I never thought I'd be an early morning writer, but lately when I wake up, my first thought is the book. So I slip out of bed and into my robe. I walk through the cold house and turn on the coffee on the way to my office. Layla follows me and plops herself on the extra chair across from my beautiful writing desk. 

I make myself open the manuscript file even if I have no clue what else to do to the words there. I've been over and over them so many times, it is almost memorized. Some mornings I work for only 30 minutes, but other days I am in that little office for a few hours before beginning my day. And those mornings feel GLORIOUS!

"to persist in anything undertaken; maintain purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles,     or discouragement; continue steadfastly."

My stomach actually feels nervous and queasy when I imagine hitting PUBLISH on my project, but it has to happen...and only I can do it. No one can do this for me. So each morning I am going to put my butt in that chair and do the best that I am able. 

I am going to persevere. 

Linking up today with Random Journal Day. Go check out the other entries. 

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On Having a Grown Son Who Lives Too Far Away

Before bed last night I watched a video of my grown son giving a hilarious toast at a wedding 1,744 miles away. I sat on my couch here in Texas and laughed out loud at this creative and entirely not-shy California man who used to be my little boy.

I felt proud, but instantly knew that his unabashed bravery and confidence had very little to do with me. Have absolutely no clue how this rugged and handsome man learned to charm a crowd the way he does. He is a natural storyteller and comedian.

But my other thought, the one that hit me like a freight train was that I was jealous of the people in his life.

I am jealous of all those wedding guests in that laughing group. They understood the hidden meanings behind some of his words; they have inside jokes that I will never get. I may have met a few of them over the years, in passing, as he leapt into one car or another. But most are complete strangers to me, though intimate companions of his.

Life with grown up kids is like rediscovering your child over and over again. You must keep readjusting your heart to update the person in front of you. I love being around my grown sons. I cannot get enough of them and have to be careful not to let that show too much. Don’t want to be a creepy mom.

After they move out there are lots of little moments where you wonder what your new role is anyway. I recall standing in my laundry room and noticing that my visiting son’s wash is done and needs to be moved to the dryer. I haven’t done their laundry in years, so I question whether I should just transfer his stuff from washer to dryer or let it sit and wait for him to notice. Will he be embarrassed if he finds me touching his wet clothes? Am I being too sensitive? I call out that his wash is done and he bounds in to do the deed saying “Thanks Mom.”

Now one of my sons lives 26 hours away from us and I stalk him on social media and do not always tell him that I know about the parties and craziness. I don’t want him to close off my access to his life, without me. I look at the people in his pictures and I’m jealous of the time they get to spend in his orbit. They get to see him at his best and his worst, and they get his movie references.

I am sure that my daughter-in-law, married to my other son who lives close by, cannot imagine a day when she will not be aware of every little thing about her baby son. Right now she knows it all, from bowel movements to new teeth pushing through. Her heart will not dwell and cannot fathom a future when he will have secrets and friends that she does not know.

I love that wedding crowd in the video I watched last night. My son was probably not at all nervous before them, but I am still grateful to them for laughing as loudly as they did. He was funny enough to deserve those big laughs. I’m thankful to them for adding to the richness of his life so far away from me. I like them for loving him.

My son is a grown up. My heart is happy that true friends from a lifetime in one small town surround him. But I am still jealous of them.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Confessional

So this morning I told Hubs that I would be making Christmas fudge today. While expecting a big smile of anticipation all I got were a couple of raised eye brows and a look of concern. 

"Are you really sure you should make fudge this far before Christmas?"

Today is December 22!! TWO DAYS before Christmas Eve! 

The problem with being married so many years is that your mate knows you...too well. Hubs knows my history with fudge. 

It is time to share my Christmas Confession once again...

Ever so quietly I reached my skinny little eight-year-old arm deep into the back of our linen closet and found what I desired most. Cold, crackly foil. Under the foil were pans and pans of wonderful chocolate fudge. My mom began her Christmas baking early in the month and knew that in order to have any goodies by the special day; she would need to hide it somewhere safe from our little hands.

I don’t recall how I found my favorite brown nutty treat in among the towels and sheets, but once I discovered the secret place, I returned there very often. I only took a couple pieces at a time and then had to stick it in my pocket until I found a spot to enjoy it by myself with no danger of little brother or sister following and telling mom.

The only problem with my system, other than the crumbs in my pockets, is that I never actually looked at the pans. I just let my fingers grab a few chunks of candy at a time. It felt like a never-ending secret supply at my finger tips. Well, I guess the other snag in the growing addiction was finding a place to eat the forbidden treat. Sitting in the dog yard behind our house was really not the most pleasant place to savor my stolen fudge. My dog was my best secret keeper though.

Chocolate has been my weakness for as long as I can remember. I even shared cocoa powder with my goldfish when I was under three. They actually survived, but coughed up little brown clouds for several days!

My eighth Christmas Eve did not have a happy ending. When my mom pulled her carefully prepared pans of fudge from the linen closet, they were strangely light. I had eaten almost all her supply of Christmas fudge and she was not happy. Her punishment was perfect; in a house where every flat surface held a fancy dish of candy, bread, pie or cookies, I was not allowed to have any kind of sweets all of Christmas Day!


Today I think I've matured enough to keep myself from scarfing up the whole batch of fudge before Christmas Eve when the kids are here. I am pretty sure I can anyway. 

We'll see. 

UPDATE: Peppermint & Chocolate, the best combo ever!

Hoping you have a sugary sweet Christmas this year!

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Is Part of Our Family

 Star Wars is like a member of my family. I really should have seen it coming from the very beginning because my first date with my husband-to-be happened in May of 1977. We went to a brand new movie that changed science fiction movies forever after. 

I must have already been smitten. Why else would I agree to go to a movie with the word "Wars" in the title? Star Wars entered our relationship and has never left. 

As a mom of two boys and no girls, I learned to live with Star Wars EVERYTHING! Star Wars shirts, Legos, action figures, posters, books, music, videos, PJ's, sheets. Star Wars even invaded our Christmas tree. The Christmas ornament above was acceptable, the one below got slowly moved to the back of the tree when no one was looking. 

I worried that company would think I had satan on my tree.

I ought to be a Star Wars expert...the movies played in my home again and again and again over the years. My sons know the details in layers far below what you actually see on the screen. Every. single. detail. 

For me, hearing the music in the background meant that my boys were busy for a few hours and I could get some laundry done or go lounge on the couch and read as long as I wanted without interruption.

But the sound of that amazing music also makes me smile. It's like the sound track of our family life. The intense anticipation of each new movie added flavor to our lives, would my home be full of disappointment or  relief? The discussion after seeing each new release is still ongoing. I zone out to the subject, but I love the sound of my men talking about every nuance and development in the series. 

It makes me happy that the reviews I am hearing about the newest SW movie are good. But I won't know for sure until I hear what my sons think about it. Rocker Son saw it on the opening night, of course. 

The Hubs and I plan to see it on Christmas Day! 

I'm sure it's no White Christmas, but Star Wars is part of our family so.....

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Soothing Balm...

Oh Light - Official Lyric VideoWe're not sure what kind of day you've had, what kind of political argument you just passed over in your Instagram feed, or why you "followed" our account so long ago and haven't "unfollowed" us yet...What we do know is this song moved us when we wrote it and we think if you find a quiet corner and turn up the volume, it just might move you too. We hope you enjoy our video for our song #OhLight, which was just released on our new album, #Ochristmas. Sending you love and light tonight wherever you may be!
Posted by Gungor on Friday, December 11, 2015
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Friday, December 11, 2015

Do You See the Lady Bugs?

I smiled as I folded a cloth napkin fresh out of the warm dryer this morning. It was white with cute little red and black lady bugs all over it and trimmed in red thread. What? You don't see any red ladybugs on the top napkin pictured here? 

You can see them on the bottom piece of fabric though, right? OK, then I am not completely  delusional...just yet. 

Isn't it weird how our minds and our memory will fill in the blanks for us sometimes? I was enjoying the cute little lady bugs that were not actually there while I did the laundry today. Pulling them from the dryer, I could see them as clearly on the napkins as the red circles on the lady bug pillowcase. 

They reminded me of my former pastors wife who possibly gave them to me. I'm not sure, because it was...oh this is embarrassing...when I was in my TWENTIES!! Barbara B? Do you remember when I used to collect lady bugs on everything? Lady bug mugs, pillows, bedding, cloth napkins, earrings....I also still have a lady bug pot holder. 

Wow, who keeps things for that long? Me I guess. 

But my eyes could still see the little red bugs as bright as ever on that raggedy cloth in my laundry room. I am fascinated by this odd phenomena. I wrote about it once before, after washing up an old tin tray that I love even though it is faded beyond its' beauty days. 

I believe that our minds replace the physical beauty with the love it invokes when we look at it. Our emotions get all tied up with our memories and it transforms what we see. 

Love is blind...
Love covers a multitude of sins...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
This is obviously not a new discovery or a unique observation.

But it also explains long marriages sometimes, don't you think? When I look in the mirror I often groan at the view. On the other hand, when I look at my husband of 37 years, I see the long haired guy I followed all over the high school youth campground one summer. My memories are fresh and real and true. My love is fresh and real and true. And I am hoping that his memories are filling in the blanks too. 

During this season of family gatherings and what can sometimes be awkward reunions, I am praying that you will be able to put aside political, spiritual and social differences and fill in the blanks with the love that came before. Before you went a different direction and voted for the other candidate or cheered the opposing team. 

Smile at the weird uncle and forgive the old fashioned remarks and silly jokes that make you want to run away. Sit down and listen to the family story you've heard a million times, laugh at the right moment and ask another question. 

Allow your love to fill in the blanks. See the little red and black lady bugs...even if they are all faded away. 

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Random Journal Day - FAMILY SNAPSHOTS

Long ago in what seems like a galaxy far far away, there was a time when no one carried a small camera in their hands everywhere they went. We owned cameras, but they could most often be found on the shelf in the back of a closet. I just now looked up when the cellphone first included a camera and was shocked to see that it was as recent as 2002!!! 

My Random Journal contribution today is from my journal in 1994. My sons were about 8 and 12 years old. From the moment I became a mother I knew that our moments were precious and important to document. I cherished ordinary days and found a simple way to capture them without dragging out our camera, taking pics and waiting 7 to 10 days to see how they turned out. 

Every once in a while I wrote a journal entry titled, FAMILY SNAPSHOTS. It was usually just a single page with bullet points of how we were spending our current days. Like little word pictures of our life. Here is a peek into a galaxy far far away...1994. 


  • "Rocker Son" in his red and white soccer uniform on the field with his team-mates. Hubs, Writer Son and I yelling our heads off, "Go Blazers go!" Parents forming an arching tunnel for the team to run through after the game. 
  • Monday mornings kneeling at our couch to give our new week to Jesus.
  • Writer Son's bedroom door closed. He is sitting at his desk with earphones on listening to classical music while he draws.
  • 6 AM: the house is quiet. Hubs is over in the sanctuary. (Next door to our home.) I'm talking myself into getting up and joining him in prayer over there. The boys are sound asleep. So peaceful! "Why not pray in bed...just a bit..." 

Today's FAMILY SNAPSHOT - 12/5/2015:

  • I'm sitting cross-legged on my couch looking at our beautiful Christmas tree while blogging on my laptop. Layla is curled up tight against me, if I move too much she grumbles at me for disturbing her comfy-ness.
  • Hubs is 10 minutes away working at Home Depot and getting tired of telling people they cannot buy the old fashioned light bulbs anymore.
  • Rocker Son is about a million miles away in California transporting car parts from one store to another.
  • Writer Son is 30 minutes away with Sassy Bride and Sweet Grandson, figuring out how to get the 14 month old to take a nap so he can work on his writing course. 
I am so thankful that I captured those little moments so many years ago. When I read them it takes me back just as clearly as a photo...maybe even more so. 

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The SIMPLE TRUTH that Is So Very Difficult To Believe

What? November is almost over??? I hope you are getting ready for a beautiful holiday season. Today I am sharing a piece that I wrote for "5 Minutes For Faith" earlier this bears repeating. Enjoy. 
If I could only write to you one more time, I would tell you this little story.
I sat in large circle with the rest of our church staff. I was with my favorite friends doing one of my favorite things. We were praying for one another and listening for the individual messages that God wanted to share with each person in the circle. We loved that God still speaks and this trusted group of people enjoyed the freedom to be His messengers with one another.
I listened to the prayers and messages given to my friends. “The Father has designed you to carry influence with governmental leaders.”... “God is going to use you to help free women from the slave-market.”... “You are so full of creativity. You will be using your painting and artistic ability to glorify God.”

Now it was my turn. I close my eyes to concentrate and be able to hear every word that God wants to speak to me. “Wow Susie, God just really, really loves you! Every thought of you brings Him deep pleasure.”

WHAT?! Of course God loves me. He loves everyone! That’s the very first song we learn as little kids in Sunday school! Yes, Jesus loves me, this I know. It is the most basic, foundational truth we all know! I already KNOW this. Where is my big prophetic message?
This same scenario played out many times over in my life. I kept hearing the same message from God, over and over again. “God loves you so much!” I was getting a bit grumpy about it, to be honest. Where was my big direction for my life? What did God design me to do?
Finally this slow learner caught on. The single most important message that I can share with you is that God loves you. It is a simple message. And it is a very difficult message. God knew that I did not believe it completely. He saw me rushing around, working hard in the church to gain His love and acceptance. So the only message He kept sending me was that I am loved.
The reason we have a hard time believing this truth is this; we think that God’s love is like our love. Our love for one another can shift and change and grow and shrink. As much as we say that our love is unconditional, I’m not sure we can live it honestly. But His love IS unconditional. Completely without strings.
We cannot outrun it or escape it. God is delighted with His children. All of us. He sees the good, the bad and the ugly, and still He loves with abandon. Our actions simply do not affect His love toward us. If God could love us more on some days than on others, it would mean that His love is conditional and less than perfect. Are you willing to make that accusation of Him?
“I pray that you, being rooted and grounded in His love, may have power, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3: 17-19 NIV

Ephesians 3: 18 to 19 reminds us to seek to know the love of God, which is too much for us to understand. This passage is a call to get out of our minds. It is a challenge to those of us who tend to over-think and ultra-analyze our every waking moment. My desire to have everything understood and figured out can hold me back from grasping His love because it is simply too big for me to comprehend.
If we wait until we can understand God’s love, we will never be able to truly enjoy it and rest in it. God’s love for you is limitless, without boundaries or borders of any kind. Another Bible version says, “understanding the love of Christ which passes understanding.”

Sadly, many of us miss out on the fun of His love because we are using our heads to believe it. Remember the Ephesians passage? His love will not fit in our heads. It does not compute. It makes no sense. It is illogical. We are to seek to know the love of God because He wants us to know Him better. His love is who He is. There is no separation between God and the love of God, it is not a part of Him, it IS Him. God IS love.
So Dear Reader, the simple message you are here to gain today is just this…God loves you! He loves you completely and without reservation, today, at this moment. Thanks for allowing me to be the carrier of this important message today!
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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Brilliant and Not so Brilliant

She will WAIT until I say OK.

"Layla, you are so brilliant!" I beamed at her as she ran to her crate to get her favorite toy. She loves her very gross looking KONG TOY, the only dog toy she has not destroyed over the years. It has a small hole at the top and big hole at the bottom, and when I tell her to "get your toy!", she runs happily around the house searching for it because when she drops it at my feet I  stuff it with a treat to eat. 

So the other day she looked all over the kitchen and main living areas in a panic trying to locate the toy that I had asked her to bring to me. I then remembered that it was probably inside her crate in another room and so I said, "Is it in your crate?" not thinking she would get the connection at all. But she suddenly looked at me with a "Oh yeah!" expression and she ran off to her crate and promptly plunked the toy down in front of me! 

I was shocked and totally impressed! 

And then today...

I hear an awful choking sound and I wonder what in the world she has eaten now. I quickly followed the desperate sound and find this...

My "brilliant" Layla loves to chew up empty toilet paper rolls and I found her trying to reach the one at the bottom of this garbage can. It was too tall for her to stretch to the bottom and she was choking herself trying to get it. 

So brilliant. 

No moral of the story, just thought you might like an update on our Layla. Like the rest of us she has her smart days and her not-so-smart days. 

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