Ideas For Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchens are one room in the house that people often want to remodel at some point. It is frequently one of the most used rooms in the home. It is also one where function is as important, if not more so, then the aesthetics of it. One improvement that is commonly made to kitchens is […]

Such A Lightweight!

I finally found the perfect way to put my teeny tiny weights to some good use. They make perfect book ends don’t they? Those little three pound weights and I do not have a pleasant history. No, they are not too heavy! But even light weights (ha!) can do damage if they are used in […]

Our Road

Have I told you lovely readers that I ride on the back of Hubby’s motorcycle and take pictures? There is a whole story there, can’t recall if I already spilled it on here. But God’s beautiful green canopy is above us still…… As Hubs and I turn our faces toward God and listen.

Living Wholeheartedly

I keep trying to write about other things but my mind and heart are so full of my mother that I guess I will just go with the flow and see where it takes me. We did not talk on the phone every day or even every week, but we did talk daily in my […]

Christian Grinches? REPOST Because it is needed!

Hey my Friends, I wrote this in December 2010 but after a great chat with my DIL last night and her comment that “there is too much Christmas love in my heart to be compressed in such a short amount of time. Three little weeks in December is not enough!” I am agreeing with her […]

Please Don’t Should On Me!

I was raised in the church, my family attended services twice on Sundays, every Wednesday night and any other time that stuff was happening. Our church was like a wonderful extended family and I loved the way it became a warm and comfortable social circle for me. The center of that circle was the shared […]

Why “Recovering Church Lady”?

We are all familiar with the negative stereo-typical “church lady”. She is judgmental, strict and humorless. Her world is small and her view is extra narrow, believing that it is her job to point out sin in those around her. I used to be a church lady. But I let a smile cover my fear […]

The Book

My book, WALKING BUTTERFLY is now a reality at last! It is available for purchase on as of February 3, 2016. I am still basking in the wonder of it all. I have lots of sales and my social media circles have gone out of their way to cover me with loving congratulations and kind words.  I am […]

Info on RCL

Of course you are wondering who I am to be offering advice and wisdom for the ministry life and beyond? Your desire to check up on me reveals the deep wisdom already in you. Don’t accept any old bit of advice from just any old lady (especially us old ladies!) without knowing her background and if she has […]

Probably Should Delete

I keep starting to write and then stopping. Hitting the DELETE button again and again. Backspace backspace backspace. “That sentence sounds lame.” “That is insincere.” “That does not sound like you.” I have not really WRITTEN since publishing my little book in February. I think I’m stuck.I am struggling and feel like admitting the struggle […]

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