Monday, August 15, 2011

Ok, So I Need An Upgrade In The Whole "Victory Over Fear" Thing....

Who knew? Last night I learned that my big victory over fear has some really sneaky little loopholes that I knew nothing about! Now of course, I do realize that I am no where near being described as a fearless woman. I know that better than anyone. But I did believe that a certain area of freak-outness in my life had been conquered and taken care of once and for all. 

I am the woman who writes about taking one's thoughts captive and not allowing negatives to have rule over us....blah, blah, blah. In fact last Sunday a woman whom I have never met came up to me in church and thanked me for a talk I gave about conquering fear a long time ago. (I did a little 10 minute thing on one of the Sundays that my husband was speaking.) The woman said that it affected her deeply and she thinks of it often! 

But last night when Hubs was nearly an hour late getting home from his new job I was a mess. He rides his motorcycle to work out of town so that I will have the car. I dislike that he needs to be on the freeway to get to work and sometimes it means coming home after dark. I thought that he got off work at 4pm, but he got off at 4:30, and yesterday they kept him a bit longer than that. I could not call his cell because the vibrating of the phone while on the bike would distract him and he could not answer anyway. 

I was literally pacing and staring out the window and listening  for the beautiful roar of his bike for an hour. My mind went to bad places that I will not describe. I pulled it back again and again, but my stomach was getting all twisty and I could not sit or read or think clearly. 

We have now established a new rule of calling me before he heads home. 

But back to the conquered fear thing. The main subject of that talk I gave was that God had helped me win a very real fight over my fear of owning a motorcycle. He truly transformed my mind to the point that I now ride a huge bike with Hubs every weekend and I totally love it. I mean that I really really love it! There is no fear there to keep me from relaxing, taking pics and writing new blog posts in my mind as we roll along.

So what in the world was this freaky freak-out business all about? 

Today I am thinking that there are always upgrades available to us in everything we have gained over the years. This is a new place that my Father God wants to see me be free. Whenever we face a tough or uncomfortable situation, it means that He has something new to show us  about Himself and who He wants to be for us. 

My God loves me enough to show me the little loophole that has been there all along. I want the upgrade. I want to move up to a better place of peace when stuff looks and feels wrong. He is switching my plan to the upgrade as I write this and I did not even have to take a number in the cell-phone store and wait my turn!

Thank you Father. 

(Important note: I love comments a lot. BUT if this post made you think of a horrible motorcycle accident in your family or friend's lives, please do not tell me about it. I gave the same request at the end of my talk at church but I still had to listen to some awful stories as people came up to share with me. Thanx!)


  1. Excellent advice! The enemy tells us our faith has failed, but really we are just due for an upgrade. Love it!
    Thank you!

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  3. Hi ya Susie,
    I LOVED this one!!!
    I've felt that same fear (usually about my own husband being late too). Like you, I'm the 'strong one' in the family and I'm pretty good at taking thoughts captive and forcing them into obedience to Christ. And I think what frightened me more than the situation that brought the fear - was the fact that I was allowing 'fear' to come in and control my emotions! God didn't give us a 'spirit' of fear and for it to overtake me meant that "I" needed some upgrading!
    Fear doesn't ever stop trying to get in (even Job said, "What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me." ~ Job 3:25). But I am learning that God's strength and the Holy Spirit's power can break through the 'static' of fear and conquer it with a clear signal from God every time. And that I can refuse that call! hee hee

    Excellent blog my friend.

  4. Hello Susie, I'm Susi:) I just wanted to say that I love your description of yourself...and your slogan, and the no judgment button. Wonderful! I found your blog recently, but haven't read much of it, yet. I'm one of those who think it's so hard to be a Christian, and I want to be proved wrong.. How nice to find a relaxed blog like yours. And, I don't know of any mc accidents:)

  5. Haha, Welcome Susi, I am so happy to meet people from other parts of the world! Yay! You are in Sweden right?
    I look forward to knowing you better.

  6. Yep, I'm Swedish! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. It's so nice how you can take a peek into other people's lives through their blogs!

  7. I hate fear. It's kept me from all sorts of wonderful things.

  8. YOu always step on my toes about a very positive way, that is! I needed this today. (wish I'd read it early this morning, but then, you probably weren't up and writing yet since I am on the east coast and you are on the west!) Thank you for always being "right on"!!

  9. Susie,
    Great reminder that God is never done with us. Personally, I'm looking forward to my upgrade. Looking forward to visiting here often.


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