Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And I thought I knew him so well.....

Several weeks ago I caught Hubs looking at weird sites on the Internet. It threw me, because as we approached our 34th wedding anniversary I was sure that I knew my husband very well. We are a steady, stable and completely predictable married couple after living working and ministering side by side our entire marriage.
But those websites! Finally I asked......
"Honey, why in the world do you keep looking at puppies on the Internet?"
The truth spilled out.....he had been meeting cute dogs while working at Home Depot which is very pet friendly and was actually thinking about getting us a small lap dog.

Flabbergasted! ....That is the best word to describe my reaction to this statement. Our sons had pets as they grew up and we loved them, but Hubs was not overly fond of or involved with them. (The pets. He definitely was involved and fond of our sons!) He seemed to just tolerate our last cat and dog, who have since gone on to dog/cat heaven. (No, I don't know if they are there or anywhere, don't ask ok?)

So who is this man who is looking day after day for a dog on craig's list? He even repeated that he is interested in an indoor dog!! That had me tipping my head to the side like a puppy who is hearing an odd sound for the first time! This is a totally uncharacteristic move on his part. I am so confused!

I had dogs all my growing up years and loved them, but accepted the fact that the empty nest would be just that, empty. I did let it slip recently that if he dies before I do, I was going to get myself a small dog to keep me company. (In a year of two family deaths and being over 50 years old, this kind of conversation happens.) But still, this is just so unlike this man who loves order, routine and stability.

The end, or I should say the beginning of this story is that on February 18th, our 34th wedding  anniversary we picked up this sweet little puppy called Layla. She is worth some $$ but the young family did not charge us a penny to give her a good home that could provide lots of loving attention. She is a Spaniel/Labrador mix, thus she is a Spanador. Which I agree is a much better name than the alternative; Labracock.

Thankfully and happily, she is, at 8 months old, potty trained and will sit, stay and come pretty well. We are working with her to heel and be a good obedient dog. She is no larger than a small Cocker Spaniel (though she looks larger in the pics) and has great short hair like a Lab! Yay! 

Layla has totally bonded with Hubs. He is the clear alpha male and she follows him every where he goes and even sits on his lap while he is on his Kindle.

Me? I am still in shock and loving every minute of it. 

To be married to a man who can still surprise you after 34 years is pretty awesome!


Thank you Father:

  • For fresh love and wonderment!
  • For the cute bright pink collar and leash I found.
  • For hardwood floors that make an awkward puppy very entertaining.


  1. Congrats to you both! Love it- a man who can surprise you after 34 years! BUt really I am a bit giggly about the term Labracock myself! LOL! HUgs,

  2. I love her! We have a part border collie, labrador, and dalmation- a "collaboration!"

  3. I am so happy for you all three, hubs, Layla, and YOU! Maybe even a teeny bit jealous, but we are not ready to take that plunge yet. Enjoy your new family member and thank the Lord for the tender side in your hubs. That is precious.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to know that they do change--even a little bit--as they grow! The Hubs, not the dog.

  5. What a wonderful thing to have such a nice surprise after 34 years. I love that she is his pal! And you watch with a smile! We had a spaniel lab mix; she was a wonderful dog, it's a great mix. Enjoy ALL the surprises!

  6. Hope you keep having fun. Sounds like a great companion.

    1. Yes THEY are great companions. At least the older one is a bit trained, so that helps.

  7. What a neat anniversary gift and a loving hubby you have!

  8. It is always nice when hubbys come up a a surprise after all these years. Glad yours was something warm and cuddly for both of you. Great gift.

  9. Love this. Hey this solves your last post's issue to. Take her to walk with you through the park and people can think you're talking to the dog as you walk. : )
    Seriously, she looks to be a sweetie.

  10. Yes she will be a good walking partner once we get the idea out of her head that everyone is dangerous. She is quite the bark and growler at other dogs and people.

  11. All of this confirms what I already suspected, men should spend more time in hardware stores!

  12. I just had to read this...reminds me of our dog. Glad your Hubs found a cute puppy to Love...Congrats on 34 too


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