Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I guess the fact that my kids survived to be 25 & 29 means I am a parenting expert?

Gorgeous Bouquet of Baby Clothes!
Good news! My original writing job ( and has returned and they want me to keep sending articles! Yay! It is not a lot of $$ (few hundred a month) but it is enough to help pay our house payment and that is number 1 priority for us right now. I am so thankful for every little bit that comes in and we really missed those job payments for the month of January. 

Another place that may be helpful is where I am writing as the Sacramento County Family & Parenting 101 Examiner. These small articles are an interesting challenge. I need to make sure it has some kind of local connection besides being on a family & parenting theme. I am slowly figuring out what they want and the last 5 articles I did for them received a Quality Rating of 8.0 out of 8.0 so that is good.

My articles at bring me $$ according to how many readers go to them, stay a bit, comment and share to other places and SUBSCRIBE. It seems to be only pennies so far, so I'm not sure how long I will give it my time. Right now it says I have about $3 coming to me for the 8 articles so far. Not cool at all!

If you want to go check out my articles and add a bit to my wallet here they are: Thanks!

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Thank You Father:

  • That You know.
  • That You love.
  • That You have not forgotten.

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  1. Wow this is great news, writing and getting paid for it!
    Yes we should be parenting experts:)


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