Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Won!

A few weeks ago I entered a drawing for a special journal for mother's to fill out with details, thoughts and memories about her life. It is meant to be left behind so that the next generation will have your story right there in their hands. This beautiful idea intrigued me because after losing my mom last year I was surprised at what I did not know and had never asked about her life.

The thoughtful questions in this journal really draw out the personal memories, such as...
What were your childhood weekends like?
Describe your Dad in his work clothes.
Did you have a collection while growing up?
What were your youthful goals and dreams?
What advice did an adult in your life give that meant a lot to you?
Describe your bedroom.

Well, I won the pretty journal and I am so very pleased with the questions and drawings within. I am itching to begin filling it out, but I'm worried about my ugly handwriting, which has only become worse since typing so much in recent years. But maybe my messy scribbles will become a puzzle for the kids to decode! 

In order to remain impartial, the blogger (Dawn at Beneath the Surface) who was giving the journal away had her husband draw the name out of a jar and then caught it on camera to post the announcement.

When my Hubs saw the pic on my Facebook page he asked why in the world there was a pic of his job's competition on there! Ha! Her Hub was wearing a work shirt as he held up my name.

So we decided to post our "Thank you" note in this way!  ^^

Yah, I live in a wild and crazy world of daring online antics don't I?

Thank you Dawn!

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  1. Well done, Susie! Now, on with all the writing.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  2. Hahahahaha! Oh, if we ever get together in real life- I do believe a quote my Dad said might happen " The church will fall down! " LOL! Seriously, You make me smile daily, my friend. What would our husbands do without their crazy wives? And I do not want to hear one word about the handwriting...my journals always start out new and I write all perfect and by the middle it's all real life scribble! Get on with it...You know better! Hugs!

  3. So happy for you, Susie! What a treasure that little book will become to your children and your children's children! Don't worry about your handwriting...just do the best you can...I have the same problem. Handwriting is becoming a lost art...and having handwritten journals may become even more valuable as time goes by!

    Love the t-shirt competition. My son in Maine works for Home Depot but we always shop at Lowes here because it is closest to us.

    You girls are funny! Love to both of you!


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