Friday, May 4, 2012

RJD - Twice Blessed

RANDOM JOURNAL DAY - Blog Link up #6

Whoever thought up this little game of grabbing an old journal and then using a page as a writing prompt to blog about, must be a real genius, because it it blessing my socks off! Haha (blushing) Yes, it was me, been doing it for a long time, but it was my friend Dawn who thought you all may want to join in and she created the RJD Blog Link-up! Thank you Dawn, you had the vision and it's happening!

Want to know why it blessed me so much today? I have a lot going on today but I just now grabbed an old journal and randomly popped it open. The open page was written on September 25, 2003 and the first sentence says,

"Yesterday Hubs woke up with the phrase, 'There is a way when there seems to be no way. There is a way.' "

Oh my goodness! God blessed us back then when we had resigned from pastoring a small church in order to give ourselves more fully to a ministry school we had started. Our income was being supplemented by Hubs working at our local walmart store and it was a very serious financial struggle. But circumstances changed for the better and provision slowly came.

We are once again in that uncomfortable and trying-to-trust position. We have no clue what the next step is and cannot picture how it will end. It is hard to even know how to pray in this place.

BUT, opening a random old journal to that exact page is like hearing a sweet and consoling message right from God's mouth to our hearts. I am sitting here smiling away because those little words on a page are speaking to me of His great love! There is a way when there seems to be no way. There is a way!

Thank you Father! 

Blogging every single day in May is the goal!

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  1. That was a cool journal entry...and on my birthday, too!!! Yes, God ALWAYS provides a way...hence the name of my blog: Closed Doors, Open Windows..."When God closes a door, He opens a window!!!" I have always found that to be true in my life...and I believe you have seen that in your life as well...sometimes it just takes a while for the window to open! Keep your eyes watching the won't be long!

  2. Praising Him! Wow. You are a blessing...we all need to be reminded, don't we? Again and again we are like the Israelite s forgetting His faithfulness in the heat of the desert...or in this house dessert- as mu hubby bakes another fattening something - his favorite way to relax!

  3. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. A way when there seems to be no way. Thanks to your hubby for the word and for the 'random' culling from your journal that brought it to us this day. I needed to hear it.


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