Thursday, May 31, 2012

WordCount Blogathon 2012 - I DID IT!

Thirty-one posts in thirty-one days, I did it, Yay me! This was a fun challenge to do along with 400 or so other bloggers. We all sent our blog links to a central site everyday so that we could read each other. Very fun! Time to throw some RCL Blogathon Bullets at you about some things I learned and experienced this month:

  • There is ALWAYS something to blog about.
  • Readers like seeing something new every day.
  • But I am sure that my Facebook friends were getting tired of all the notices of new posts!
  • My readership numbers went up in May!
  • I found some new fun cyber-friends through the Blogathon.
  • It has distracted me from my $$ writing. Not good.
  • But it also gave me ideas for articles.
  • I've been blogging standing up a lot. Doing squats while writing is very funny looking.
  • Now it is time to clean my house for company over the weekend. Oh the spider webs in the morning sunlight!

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  1. Yeah for 31 days of blogging! I agree, it has taken me away from my other writing, so now it's back to that. Enjoyed reading your posts this month!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Tia. It's been fun!

    2. Yes it has. I like the advice you give below. Maybe even go a step further... prewrite posts 2x a week to cover the week and then focus on my novel otherwise. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Squatting while blogging is good. Personally I like the stable no chair squat and hold. This can be done in a Plie' as well. Congrats! I agree there is always something to blog about. I never run out of things I want to say, share or declare! Here is the thing: I started the daily blogging thing with a Thanksgiving challenge in November. After 31 days it is hard not to blog daily. That 21 days to make a habit, theory... Anyway Happy Blogging. ALso you need to write for money and I need to work on my book- balancing blog time with our other writing goals seems like a good thing to tackle...this is my next goal. Finding that balance. Currently I am a blog hog...but that won't get my book done.

    1. So true! I see blogging as my special treat after doing other writing. It's my motivation to get the harder stuff done. So the Blogathon kinda messed up my rhythm a bit, because I wanted to conquer it you know? But now it is back to the $$ writing and cleaning my house for company this weekend.
      Maybe you could set aside one day a week to stay away from the blog and work on the book? I used to calendar my writing plans, back when my book idea was more important than bringing in some immediate $$. It worked nicely to know what the day's expectations were.

    2. Do you guys come back and read my replies? Do you get notified about them?

    3. No, I don't get notified. When I switched to this reply format it doesn't ask if you want to be notified via email. So I guess we just have to check back with each other when we can. I've appreciated your blogs, long and short. Can't wait to read the "book". My book has been put on hold indefinitely. I had to find out who my audience was first...and I'm still not too sure about that, so until I know the direction God wants to lead me...I'll just keep blogging. Don't wait too long between to read what's happening!


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