Monday, June 4, 2012


A few days ago I told you about a box of treasure that was left for me from my mom. We loved old books and often shared them back and forth, and now a few have landed with me to stay. The gems I am discovering in the cardboard box of old books has elevated my Facebook status' this last week from....



You're welcome.

This sparkling gem is from the front page of a book called simply, "Thoughts", copyrighted in 1901:

"To get peace, if you do want it, make for yourselves nests of pleasant thoughts. None of us yet knows, for none of us has been taught in early youth, what fairy palaces we may build of beautiful thoughts - proof against all adversity. Bright fancies, satisfied memories, noble histories, faithful sayings, treasure-houses of precious and restful thoughts, which care cannot disturb, nor pain make gloomy, nor poverty take away from us - houses built without hands for our souls to live in." Ruskin

That piece had me at the first sentence! Wow.


Thank you God:
  • For words and the power they hold.
  • For words and the joy they can impart.
  • For words and how you live in them.

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  1. Oh my word! That was refreshingly thought provoking and challenging. I love it! Took me to a higher plane and back in time. Don't you just love how people used to express themselves so poetically and dramatically back in the day? 1901...that was the year my maternal grandparents were married. I wonder if they talked like that? What a thought! Thanks for the lift to my mind and spirit!

    1. Thanks Pamela, I love reading old books out loud, it does elevate us to higher standard.

  2. "For words and how you live in them!" That's it! The incarnational quality of words. Their words, your response:

    1. That prayer just slipped out as I was finishing up this post and I believe that it needs some further thought and a possible article or blog.

  3. Love books, but realize it is probably time to expand my selections a bit! What a treasure!

    1. The old dusty section of a library is the best place to treasure hunt. Go for it!

  4. That is all very sweet, Suzie.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

    1. Thanks Bear, hope you are doing ok, haven't been over to visit in a while, sorry.


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