Friday, June 15, 2012

RJD #12 - April 3, 1999

I can't spend much time on my RANDOM JOURNAL DAY post today so without added commentary I will just give you a peek into a randomly chosen journal entry for April 1999..........

"April 1999 - 

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank you for speaking to me yesterday as I ironed Hub's shirts and prayed for him. You told me to tell him that you were with him! Thank you for blessing him with that word of encouragement!
Tomorrow is Easter and we have a lot to do today. I lift up all of today's jobs to you and ask you to please bless them and make them of some use to you.
  • Thoroughly clean "The House" (our name for the little house next to church which we used for classes etc. By this time we had moved out of it and purchased our own home.) where we will have the continental  breakfast at 9am.
  • Call ____ and check on ___ who went to the hospital yesterday. See also if her husband can do the egg hunt without her.
  • Buy food for church and home. Seven people are lunching with us after church.
  • Prepare a bit more for Children's Church, verse for Samson the puppet to teach the kids and copy wordless book verses for them to keep.
  • Clean church nursery and bathrooms.
  • Take ___ to Longs for a camera.
  • Do vacation laundry, going to Oregon early Monday morning after Easter.
  • Pack what I can.
  • Set up pets.
  • Tonight's dinner? Who knows?
  • Meet with Parade People after tonight's prayer time.
  • Vacuum our house and clean bathroom.
Wow Lord, that's a lot to bless! That's just my list, Hubs has his own. Please be close and take away the tight shoulder pain that we both have, let us enjoy your presence today as we go about our jobs. Our highest desire is to please you and prepare a great day of rejoicing for the congregation."

Okay, a bit of commentary....That prayer makes me tired just typing it! "Shoulder pain", duh! I was not a great delegator as a pastor's wife and it got me in trouble several times. Doing everything myself was a control issue and a pride issue, no reward there. God does not hand out blessings and reward for doing more than we should, but He did bless our efforts and the next day was a good Easter in many ways.

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  1. I love this--a true peek into the ordinary--where God would meet you--in the ironing and packing and figuring out dinner (I really hate that chore--not the cooking, just the figuring out part!)--and the more overtly 'spiritual' It reminds me to be more diligent in praying for those ordinary. Gosh, do I actually pray about dinner ideas or avoid thinking about it altogether? Unfortunately, mostly the second.

  2. Lovely old journal post and hopefully we are learning and improving, from that many more years of prayer and experience. I hope your delegating powers are amped up :)

  3. Yes, that made me a bit tired also. I know I did many of the same things way back when I was younger and had more energy than I do now. Thank you for that walk down memory lane...I felt like I was there looking over your shoulder and cheering you on. I am so glad that we took the time to write down the mundane as well as the blessings and deep spiritual thoughts while we were so busy serving. It shows us the power and grace of God in our us exactly what we need when we need it...and these journals are testimonials that will live on to encourage others along the way. Thank you for being so REAL> That's what I love about you!!!

  4. THat is a big list and I am glad you have recovered (?) are in recovery (?) for that "control" issue. I know God has dealt (?) is dealing (?) with me all the time to keep me from falling back into the traps that keep me from His freedom in Christ...You my friend are a ground-breaker! Isn't His grace the perfect remedy for our Busy To Do lists? Thanks for sharing, and continuing to break new ground in grace and freedom in Him. Love you!

  5. Thank you for sharing a day of your life with us. As I read your list, I wondered if, on your Easter Saturday you had been given more hours than the usual 24. Had I heard you tell someone what was on your list for that day, I would have been completely worn out. I would like to learn you time management skills.


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