Thursday, June 21, 2012

Small Spot in a Big Yard

I really don't get it. It is not logical or sensible at all. Our puppy, one year old Layla has the whole backyard to herself. It is a nice size backyard for a suburban house lot. She has explored every single inch of it and immediately checks the perimeter when I let her out in the mornings. 

But, much to Hubs frustration, she has chosen one spot in the middle of the lawn to hangout the most. So the grass in that spot is showing the wear and tear. Hub says it looks like a bear has been rolling around on the matted and flattened little section of lawn. 

Why does she choose this one spot when she has free access to the whole yard? It is not any more shaded than the other sections of grass below our almond tree. Hubs placed our park bench over the smashed down grassy spot, hoping it would force her to find a new place to land, but she even stretches her neck underneath the metal bar to rest. Such a goof!

I am wondering if God is seeing the same odd behavior as He watches me. To be honest I will tell you that I usually quit reading when a christian devotional blog switches from the interesting real life story to the devotional application, so I won't blame you if you move on now.....

But here are my thoughts today. Am I stuck in a tiny section of the big life God can see for me? Has He put something in the way that has forced me to reposition myself, while I am still trying to fit myself into the spot?

These are not fun questions. Repositioning is hard and overwhelming. And uncomfortable. 

I want to enjoy the whole yard. So I am asking God to help me see what He sees. I need to see what he sees. Even as I began writing this post about my dog and her goofy ways, I did not know where it would go. But as usual I am hearing my Father God as I tap this out. Why does He like to talk to me in front of you guys? Don't know, but it's okay with me if it's okay with you. 

Show me your big picture Father, and I will try to stop squeezing myself under the park bench. 

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  1. Oh now that's a good one...I can just see you squeezing yourself under the park bench. We all tend to do the same thing...the "comfort zone"...that place where we just want to "park it" and let the world go by without our help for retreat and sometimes withdraw and stay safe. Oh yeah...I know that feeling. I have some park benches I love to hide under myself. Good challenging thoughts tonight. Now excuse me while I go back to "my comfort zone" and stop thinking so hard for awhile! Love ya Susie! You always make me think and smile!

  2. I am definitely squeezing myself into one comfy, boring, non serving spot...

  3. Needed this today, Susie! I'm such a creature of routine and habit - trying to follow the Master's leading and not settle for life beneath the bench! Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons. I look forward to reading your next post. Have a blessed weekend!


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