Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sometimes Sunshine Feels Like Love

Good Morning My Jesus,

Thank you for a day of sunshine ahead, you really outdid yourself when you created California. 

This morning I am savoring a hot dish of microwave baked zucchini with salt/pepper and brown sugar! Is there a rule about not eating zucchini for breakfast? If so I just broke it and I don't care. Thanks for smiling at that, I know you did.

You know that I have always been a "rules girl". It makes me feel safe and comfy and in control. But you have been slowly and carefully showing me who invented most of the rules that I had attributed to you. Sorry about that.

Yesterday I entered a writing contest that challenged us to write a letter to the church in our country that could have been written by you. I wrote it as if I were you. I hope I did you justice. I tried to keep it as simple as I believe you would. There was only one message that I believe you would send us.....that you love us more than we know and that we need to love one another. Simple, basic truth. Will we ever believe it and do it like you?

This morning as I walked the dog, I sensed your presence and it felt like love. It was great, I was smiling and drinking in the sunshine of your love...until Layla saw a cat and just about dislocated my arm. You're smiling again.

I love you,
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  1. Oh how I love this! Especially the last paragraph! That was a great finish!!! And the zucchini for breakfast idea sounds great! Have you made zucchini bread yet? It is yummy..and very good for breakfast or with tea or coffee.
    I would love to read the letter you wrote to the church as if it was from Jesus. Please post for we, the church, to read. We need it I am certain. I can tell by the thoughts that you shared that it says exactly what I think it should say as well. Thank you for being you. You are a breath of fresh sunshine! (A nice thought on a rainy day in Florida!)

    1. "You are a breath of fresh sunshine!" Oh I like that! what a wonderful thing to say! Thank you Pamela.
      I'll post the "Jesus Letter" after the contest most likely.

  2. I am ver excited about your the point of distraction- I feel we need to celebrate! ;)Stay Tuned! Thankful He crossed our paths!

  3. Delightful. Thanks. Hope your guys and their women are doing well.

    1. Thank you Rob-bear, my guys & their ladies are doing really well, thanks for asking!

  4. Neat post, Susie! Love your creativity! God bless


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