Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July - Dogs Hate It!

Writer Son & Rocker Son before they got all grown up, hairy and married.
The Fourth of July is full of so many different memories for me. These photos are a little over 20 years old when the 4th meant "Be careful!", "Stand back!" and "Don't touch!". My poor boys endured a terribly over-protective mommy. I remember thinking, "Why do we need to celebrate our nation by letting our kids stand in the street and play with fire?". 

So I was not too upset when we moved to a little town that outlawed personal fireworks completely. Yes! So at that time our family had a fun tradition of gathering with other church families in a friend's backyard for a day full of swimming, eating and watching the city fireworks display overhead after dark. I loved those long full days spent with great friends.

But our excitable cocker spaniel did not enjoy those days at all. Year after year we would return home from the fireworks display to an empty backyard because she had some how managed to scale our high fence in her intense fear of the loud noises and lights in the sky. We would search the neighborhood and bring her back home and marvel that she was able to get over the barricade we had been convinced she could not conquer. In her later years, she was totally deaf but still she would escape in fear. We realized then that it must have been the vibrations and the lit up sky that frightened her. So then we found ourselves walking through a dark neighborhood searching for a totally black dog who could not hear our calls!

And that brings me to my own earliest memories of the Fourth of July. When I was a little girl, I too had a spaniel that hated our nation's holiday. So I was seldom out in the street in front of the house swirling sparklers or watching fountains of sparks climb high. I was sitting on the back steps holding a trembling doggie and reassuring her that the world was not being blown up, even though everything around us made that idea pretty convincing! 

In recent years, Hubs & I have ridden our motorcycle to a gathering of friends in the next town and enjoyed the fireworks with lots of laughter and good food. Last year we stopped the bike out in the country on our way home and watched firework displays from 4 different neighboring cities at once! (You can do in flat country like ours.)  It was amazing! 

What are your Fourth of July traditions and memories? 

Can you look at this without smiling? I doubt it.

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  1. Our tradition was shooting off fireworks we bought at the tribal reservations (big, bad, and illegal) in our cul de sac. That was until they began handing out $1000 fines and our "lookouts" failed us. Yes, the sheriff caught us, but let us go with a warning. So this year things will change. I've been wondering, have you gotten back on the bike yet?

    1. Such a bad girl you are! And YES, I have been on the bike again! I am so happy to report that the fear is gone! Hubs uses the bike to commute a couple hours a day now, so its lost some of the fun factor for him though. Read about my getting back on the horse here.....http://www.recoveringchurchlady.com/2012/05/picnic-grown-up-kids-and-motorcycle-one.html

      Thanks for asking and happy fourth!


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