Monday, July 9, 2012

I Done Good!

Today I experienced once again the beautiful power of a few encouraging words. It takes so little to bring a smile and create new hope. Most bloggers are aware of written by Judy Lee Dunn, winner of multiple blogging honors including 2011 Top Ten Blogs for Writers. She also writes for For Bloggers By Bloggersa super helpful and fun place for tons of up to date blogging tips and ideas.

Yesterday her latest title caught my eye. The Hollywood Guide to a Better Blog Tagline. I loved all the points she made about creating a tagline or subtitle for our blogs that will explain the essence of the content and draw readers in. I am intrigued with advertising and have even started a list of TV commercial taglines that I think are really stupid and reveal a lack of writing talent on TV. Anyway.......

She ended her post inviting bloggers to give their blog name and tagline in the comments and she would give her advice about them. So I did. Mine is Recovering Church Lady, Pleasing God is Simply Not as Hard as You Think. I enjoy the mixture of the words "hard" and "simple", and I am pretty proud of this tag line.

Here is what she said:
"I will have to say that I absolutely love your blog's title. The humility and empathy just shine through. And I get the feeling that you are not going to preach to me. Your tagline tells me that you won't be complicating things and that maybe you even believe in a loving, accepting God. Nice job." 
Isn't that the best? She totally got the message of this blog, at least what I hope is coming through here. Yep, sitting here grinning at myself! Woo-hoo!
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  1. The message of your blog definitely comes through loud and clear . . . and what a refreshingly wonderful message it is!! Thanks for introducing me to Judy Lee Dunn, gonna check her out.

  2. Well noted, indeed. You do have a delightful blog.

  3. I sincerely apologize for the awful title. It is driving me crazy, but maybe the bad grammar will attract some more good writers and readers! Ha!

  4. What awful title are you speaking of? Obviously,it has hit the mark with many of us! Don't go messing with something that is working, ok? Ok! Love ya! Oh, I thought you meant your blog I see, you really meant this post title, "I Done Good". Well, you did, so don't worry about it! We all loved it!


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