Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Journal Day - Listen To Your Friends

This morning I opened a blue floral journal to a page full of exclamation points. I notice that I tend to over use them and need to work on that. (Now you will be watching and counting, won't you?) My Random Journal Day post is inspired by some pages written in September 1995 when we first bought the house we live in and love to this day. 

We had been living in a tiny old place on church property for 3 years and were excited to buy a home of our own. The purchase of this home came about in an interesting, twisty-turny kind of way. Here is the beginning of the journal page....
"September 19, 1995 -There is an adorable house on _ street that we are seriously looking to buy!! 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage, fenced in front yard, family room and living room!! Trees all over the place full of fruit, a magnolia tree and an oak tree!!" 
The bank said OK and we were in love with the house. We have always listened to God about our housing and were not worried.......
"Now, does God want it to be done? I am excited about this place and I'm sure that God does not mind if I fantasize about it a bit, He loves enthusiasm right? But to let that excitement rule our decision making could be dangerous, so we need to be open to God's design in all of this. 
I'm not nervous that we will make a wrong decision, or that we will miss God's opportunity. I have felt that way in the past, but I'm learning that my feelings or worries are not what makes something happen or not happen. God will do it if He wants it done!
His will is all we want, to do anything less or beyond it would not make us happy anyway, no matter how good it may look on the outside to us. Gotta trust!"
Here is the "twisty-turny" part. Just one page over in my journal, marked September 22, 1995 reads this way.......
"September 22, 1995 - Yesterday we bought the best house ever!!! It is on _____ Court and it's all new inside, new everything!!! Hubs and I actually shouted and "Whooped" with joy this morning when we realized what we have done!! 
The neighbors are excited because it used to be a trashy house with 6 cars in the side yard and a refrigerator on the front lawn. But its been gutted and totally remodeled inside and I get to pick the new flooring, carpet etc.!!" 
The house we bought on September 21 is a DIFFERENT house than the one with all the exclamation points on September 19th! How did God get us from one house to a much better house in TWO DAYS? 

We had excitedly told our good friends Dave and Deb about the first house while lunching together and decided to let them tag along while we went to see the inside. Deb is a true do-it-your-selfer in home decoration and remodeling so she had tons of ideas about all the work this new place was going to need, and it was needing A LOT! The more rooms we walked in the less excited we all were. Foil wallpaper, shaggy carpet and contact-paper-covered glass sliding doors? (I hope I am remembering this right, for some reason I did not record this part of the experience.) I remember it being very dark inside.

Anyway we finished our tour of the house and drove away. About 2 blocks along the road was a house on a corner that was buzzing with workmen. Hubs and I thought nothing of it, but Deb suggests we stop and look at it. There was no "For Sale" sign so we were hesitant but that did not stop our friends, they approached the workers and asked who owned it and if it was for sale! 

The house on the corner had not even been listed yet, but you guessed it.......that is the home we love and live in today 17 years later! It did not need any work done by us, we moved in on October 27, 1995 and still love this warm and cozy place. 

As I look back and read old journals it is lovely to see the moments when I trusted God and was rewarded with His goodness to us. There are MANY other entries where I fussed, fumed and worried, and He still came through for us. Which way do I want to walk? This lesson is not lost on me today as we wonder what and where God wants us now.
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  1. Oh my I have been there so many times! Even to the frequent overuse of !!!!!'s. I tend to exclaim often...I guess it is just our excitable nature that enjoys life immensely! Anyway, I love this post, especially how it turned out. God often has surprises waiting just around the corner for us if we will just learn to trust Him instead of our own first impressions. Thank you for sharing is a good reminder for me today.

  2. I always marvel at how God works things out His way. I also get amazed at His timing. I didn't notice the overuse of !. I guess I was caught up in the excitement.

  3. Yup. We do get by with a little help from our friends. God even uses them, too!

  4. i love this. wondering where God will lead us next, too. xo

  5. I so The twisty-turny ways of God...particularly in our living situations. AND in the (not-over) use of exclamation points!
    We once bought that old fixer thought God was leading us to...and He then had to lead us right out of it. It was quite a lesson...

  6. God always has the perfect plan and yet...we think we know better! SO glad He reigns us in and gives us grace in abundance. And 200 followers- Congrats. Not that it matters but I noticed and had to say HOORAY. OK, it matters a teensy but, right?


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