Friday, July 6, 2012

Witty Sayings - RJD

Young parents today have iPhones that can catch the cute antics of their toddlers and babies 24 hours a day. Just this morning on Facebook I was able to watch the first steps of a child I know. YouTube is brimming over with adorable videos of toddlers singing, chatting or trying to do a first somersault. 

When my kids were little and doing all that cute stuff, I had my journals. We had a camera but it wasn't in our hand at all times like an iPhone. So I used my journals as a "screen capture" or moment keeper.

My Random Journal Day selection today is a page from May 1986 when my first son was 3 years old and never stopped talking. Those who know him now would be surprised at that, but they would not be surprised at his witty sayings. 
- Witty Sayings of B.C.Klein-
  • While looking at my 7 month pregnant tummy - "Mommy you're getting bigger and bigger, is it time to go to the dentist yet?"
  • In the car just before leaving for Lake Tahoe - "Dear Jesus, would you please go to Tahoe with us?"
  • To a waitress in a restaurant over-looking Lake Tahoe, "Hey Lady, did you see the beautiful lake?"
  • The next morning after opening the motel door. "Hey, the beautiful lake is still there!!"
  • After interrupting Auntie Kimberly and Uncle David kissing, "They are in there hugging and kissing AGAIN, how gross!" 

On the journal page before this one, I wrote about how he had leaned over and kissed my pregnant belly while in church. I said thank you to him and he told me, "That wasn't for you mommy, that was for the baby."

Ok, ok, too much cuteness for one post! Today that little chatterbox is in Jamaica at a friend's wedding and the baby in the story is a couple towns over filling out job applications all over the place now that he is healed from his bike accident.

I do wish we had been able to capture them on video more....they were way cuter than any others out there now! Yep.

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  1. I like "Hey the beautiful lake is still out there!" The wonder of a child. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. What can I say, except agree. I'm glad he thought Lake Tahoe was beautiful. That shows he has good taste.

  3. Stinkin' cute! Glad you caught them. Thanks for reminding me of the cleverness and sweetness of little boys.

  4. Hi Susie! Aren't they adorable at that age! I too kept journals and wrote down everything interesting my little boy said. he is now 17 years old, don"t know where the time went! I want to dig out my old journals and either scan it or encode it :^( It would be a pity if no one ever read it and enjoyed it. Patsy from

  5. Very cute. I love saving those moments, I don't have kids but I've been saving tidbits like that for my nieces and nephews. The latest one, my 5 yr. old niece, the daughter of my carpenter sister, called my dad into the living room(who's a carpenter as well)She was using the tape measure (correctly) to measure furniture. She told him. "Tata this table is 14 ft. long." and sure enough, she was right.

  6. Seriously- How did I miss this one? Too much cuteness, oh yes! Hugs!


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