Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Freelance Chart


Freelance chart I created to track my submissions, wait time, pay and accept or reject. Received good news today of an acceptance that pays nice 
and I'm actually proud to be seen with them! Ha!
More later, this IS supposed to be wordless.

Why would writers (bloggers) even invent a day for less words?

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  1. Ha! I do a wordless Wednesday every once in a while, though you do ask a good question.
    I am impressed with your way of keeping up with submissions, my own way is more of a wing and a prayer.
    So many places write that "we will decide in xxx amount of time, often 2 months, and we only reply if we want it."
    Gee, can I take home a dress from a store, put it in my closet for 2 months while I decide whether to keep it, and not pay till I actually wear it?
    This is an odd business model for our business of writing. Just sayin".

  2. I am so proud of you!!! I know God is going to bless your efforts and faithfulness to the "cause"!! You are an inspiration to me and to all of us "wannabe" writers. Keep moving forward...God is passing by!!!

  3. Good indeed. Well done. Congratulations!

    I remember the days when iI was getting $25.00 for a lot of work. Ah, yes. Long time ago. I doubt things have changed much.

    The overall post, however, is a bit wordy. For a Wednesday. Don't you think?


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