Friday, August 3, 2012

Don't Worry, He Won't Be Too Embarrassed

I let my hand lightly skim over the baskets of journals full of my thoughts, prayers, complaints and word not that one, nope not that one today...yes, this one, since it is Rocker Son's birthday month let's see what I have scribbled in the journal dedicated to him. (So much for staying with the "Random" part our Random Journal Day meme.) 

And to my son I say, "Don't worry, I won't write about you EVERY day this month!"

My fingers opened to a page written when he was 5 years old and the little charmer who always knew how to find a loophole in every rule or obstacle that may restrict him, had pulled a typical trick. I was in the living room out of sight from the kitchen where he was finishing his lunch. I had given him permission to eat a small bowl of ice cream left for him in the freezer once his meal was done.  So I hear him call out from the kitchen,

"Mom, can I put chocolate on my ice cream?"

"No, Honey." I answer back because I can't get up to do it for him.


Then, "Well, some of it already got on it accidentally."

I am sure that he had never heard that saying about asking forgiveness for doing something instead of asking permission. But he certainly knew how to ask permission just in case he needed to cover what he'd already done.

I love you son. Hmm.... this journal is full of 26 years of pretty good stuff, I just might stay here this month!

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  1. Well there is nothing wrong with a little serendipity in the random, too! So sweet. Stay wherever you feel - love your gems!

  2. That was precious! Boys will be boys...little ones and big ones! Loved this! Thank you for giving us this glimpse of how sweet and clever little boys can be.

  3. Yeah, we have lots of "little" things happen "accidently," too, don't we? Even being grown up. Love it!

  4. Lovely story. It always brings a smile thinking back on the antics children get up to. That phrase "asking forgiveness after the fact instead of permission before" reminds me of some of my times working as a youth worker within the confines of ridiculous red tape. Not breaking the rules but sometimes putting the young people first.


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