Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Uncustomary Book Review is Live!

Did I tell you about the new place I found to write book reviews? The Uncustomary Book Review site impressed me when I submitted a review of Call of  A Coward by Marcia Moston, because  they sent it back with multiple corrections and revision ideas! 

I loved seeing all those red marks and margin comments. It meant that a real person took the time to help me express myself better, I felt honored and respected. UBR pays for the book reviews and they want them to sound like a conversation, not the typical dry book report style that we normally expect from a book review. A snippet:
"Moston never gives the impression that the sacrifices she made turned her into a better Christian than the people she served, either in the United States or in a foreign country. Reading her book made me feel like we could be good friends. In fact, she sounds exactly like most of the people I have in my life.”

If you'd like to read my review and wander around the site, I warn you that you may not look up for another few hours! It is  a fun and lively place to see how others experience the books they read. 

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  1. This book review site sounds up my alley; I will check it out and add some books to my TBR stacks.

  2. I think that is neat. I know I could stand to improve in my writing and appreciate any editing, constructive feedback. That is great and it helps us become better at what we love to do!


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