Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And I Choose.....

Hand made for me by a good friend.
Still makes me smile Joyce!

Seems like a no-brainer
to choose JOY
doesn't it?

What else would anyone want 
if they had the choice

JOY lives there
on my kitchen wall
sometimes mocking me.

But today
it is asking me
"Why not?"

Why not choose JOY?
So easy, but
such a huge chasm to cross over.

Truthfully the chasm is
only in my head
a lie.

HE is right there
right here.
HE is JOY and HE is here.

I choose HIM
I choose
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  1. No matter what, joy. Love this.

  2. Thank you for that reminder. I needed to remember to choose JOY today! Yes, Joy, Joy, Joy! Praise we the Lord in Heaven on high!

  3. I have a friend whose favorite word is 'hope'. She even incorporates the word "hope" in her email address. Your treatise on Joy is special to see. I love the mosaic

  4. I love your blog! We DO all have a bit of the church lady in us! I will enjoy visiting you for your encouragement. Thanks for visiting me...Stay Joyful...

  5. That mosaic is beautiful Suzie. Thank you for sharing this.


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