Saturday, September 1, 2012

May not want to waste your time here....


Some people have way too much
time on their hands.

Not that there aren't many important things
 they could and should
be doing.

Some people even annoy their pets
with too much attention.

The bored wanna be writer who
filmed this exciting video
will explain the interesting dog collar
in a few more days.

Even the pet is smart enough to know how
to get rid of unwanted photographers.
Do some personal cleaning
and the camera will be shut off.
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  1. I learned a looooooong time ago that things are not as they seem and there's usually a side to things that you do that you don't even think of--but, God does. So, when you get bored and start to think that your 'stuff' isn't interesting or important, just look at your 'views' on the stats page. Folks may not always leave a comment when they show up, but eventually. down the road a piece, God can (and most likely will) use your words or photos to help somebody else.
    I didn't mean to ramble or sound like a lecture :) So, keep posting those things that God puts on your heart!

  2. Oh Susie, I just want you to know that though I don't get on here quite as regularly as I used to, your blog is the one that I most look forward to reading! I really do feel like we're friends... (and I think your pup is adorable!)


  3. Apart from the motion sickness I was beginning to feel with the swinging swing, I loved this video. Layla looks so innocent and could this be the puppy that has created such havoc over the past several months? She definitely knows what she's doing! LOL!!!!Loved it!!!

    1. Lol! Yes sorry about the motion sickness problem! She really is a sweet dog and we are learning how to channel the energy in positive ways rather than constantly fighting them and wanting her to just be still. It is not fair of us to expect her to sit around just because that's what we want to do. We either need to get more active or give her to a younger family and though I have been close, I am not ready to give up on her (or us) just yet.


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