Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of______________

Hi Friends, 

A few minutes ago I was browsing through the way too many blogs that I follow and read when I should be working on the next article that is due. I came across an inspiring idea that tons of bloggers are doing called 31 Days of ______ . (Organized by The Nester)

Basically the blog writers have chosen a certain subject to write about every day in October. My good friend Dawn at Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith  is writing "31 days of Faith Life Preservers". (You will love her perspective!) The subjects are as varied as the bloggers themselves. 

To name a few randomly chosen:

  • 31 Days to Giving Up On Perfection
  • 31 Days Towards 10 Minute Dinners
  • 31 Days to Write Your Story
  • 31 Days of Walking Through the Dark
  • 31 Days of the Thrift Project
  • 31 Days of Authenticity
  • 31 Days of Outfits
  • 31 Days of Prayer
  • 31 Days to Financial Freedom
  • 31 Days of Green Living
  • 31 Days of Giving Depression the Bird
  • 31 Days of Worship
  • As of today there are 1164 different blogs & subjects. I considered giving you the links to those I listed but I am choosing the much easier method by giving you the Main Link to the list HERE.  I like to keep things simple for me.
So, what am I going to use as my subject for the rest of October? I am going to write about finding joy every day. I mean, every day I am going to write about finding joy every day. 

I stumbled across the need to choose joy in a post I gave you a few days ago called  And I Choose... . So technically I can say that I began the "31 Days Challenge" a few days ago right? I need this challenge. I need to re-learn how to find joy in every day life. My focus has to change from listing my problems to listing my joys. It will be fun to see if I can do this and I hope you will come back each day to check up on me and see if I can find the joy in every day life. We can do this together. It's a Habit-Helps rather than a Habit-Harms.

Later tonight, after I do some real work, I will put together a cute blog button to decorate this collection of 31 Days of Finding Joy! Once my button is created I will add my blog to the Main Link List mentioned above.

For today I have found joy in choosing to choose joy and going after it in a very intentional way. Yay me!

......And here's my cute button......

And I am #1177 !

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  1. What a great idea! I can't wait to see how much JOY you will discover this month! This will be great to watch as it unfolds! I believe God has some real JOY in store for you! I will cheer you on. I'm not sure if I'm up to the challenge this month...I tried to write every day last month and had to give up about 2/3 brain got tired! Plus I am traveling starting tomorrow morning for almost a week, so that will make it difficult to write. But I will be watching your progress and "enJOYing" the ride!!

  2. Let's see- I love that you are joining in: HOORAY! I love the topic AND CUTE BUTTON! Um, I love this post...and let's see, oh yeah, Love YOU! Can't wait to read your shares. I am 410. Can't believe how many are participating. Very fun to check out- also I am SO trying to write short posts. For the sake of EVERYONE...

  3. i am excited to follow along! I only found the 31 day project last night, so i am a little behind. am now following the way love the mosaic xxx


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