Monday, October 15, 2012

A Bit of Plastic Sunshine

Did you smile when you saw this happy little flower? I do every time I see it. This colorful bit of plastic and rubber sits next to my kitchen sink and brightens my mornings as I "zombie walk" (how my friend described my morning trek...) to the coffee pot. 

My daisy scrub brush is my JOY Find for today. The first time I walked into the new home of my newly married son and DIL, this cute brush caught my eye and I kind gushed over it like crazy. I might have gone a little overboard because it felt a tiny bit weird to be walking into my son's married apartment. Married, grown-up and MARRIED! 

But really? Isn't it adorable and fun? 

When they were packing stuff up and moving out of state it was offered to me and I grabbed it. Now when I see the sunny little daisy next to my sink I think of my very happy son and my exactly-who-I-would-choose daughter-in-law and it makes me smile. Are you still smiling? I bet you are. 

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On another note: I'd feel a lot better about this
almost-blister if it was acquired by some writing other
than Facebook, blogging and photo editing.

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  1. I want one. ;) What's up with the blister?

  2. The idea of plastic sunshine doesn't exactly appeal to me, but your daisy scrub brush is quite cute.

    1. Yes, I definitely prefer the real thing in my sunshine and we are getting plenty of it here in California! High 90's this week! Woo-hoo!

  3. I will smile every time I think of you. This is so precious.

  4. loving the little plastic flower and the butterfly tattoo...not so much the blister! xx


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