Monday, October 29, 2012

A Little Frippery Can Bring a Big Smile

Did not even know that the fun word 'Frippery' was even a real word, but it perfectly defines the yummy item I just bought for myself! A new little bit of frippery can make one giddy. At least it made this "one" giddy. 

"World English Dictionary
frippery - Ornate or showy clothing or adornment. "

I wanted something new and pretty for a special wedding we are attending this weekend and I DISCOVERED this adorable sweater at my fav store (Kohl's) marked down $18 !! Yay me! I had one like this years ago and wore it to pieces so it is super fun to find a new one. 

I recently allowed Google Affiliate Ads to show up on my blog to see if it will bring in some added pennies as people click on the ads. The first time I opened my laptop after buying my frippery I immediately saw the ad for my fav store! So at least they are ads I agree with so far. I will have the option to ban any that I dislike. I'll let you know if it makes any substantial difference.

My JOY FIND today is my sweet frippery! Beauty is a pleasure that God created and I am simple enough to believe that he takes delight in my delights. Shallow maybe, but I really don't care! Me and pretty sweater just do not care! :) 

31 Days of Finding Joy!

As dressy as I get these days.
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  1. It's ok to enjoy some "frippery" now and then. God delights in His children...and He loves to see us smile. A little "frippery" is a sure way to do it! He knows you, and that the "frippery" is not going to change you or own is a little something to bring you pleasure. So enjoy! The sweater is beautiful! You must have your picture taken when you wear it!

  2. You and your frippery will have a lovely time at the wedding, as you add a bit of sparkle to the occasion. Frippery is a great word.

  3. LOVE IT! I love FRIPPERY too :) Simple joys from an awesome God!!

  4. Yes, please take a picture of yourself in it! I'm sure you will look lovely!

  5. Gotta google the definition of You look so pretty! Love it!love it all...

  6. OOH!!! Lovely Lady!! I love the style of the sweater over the shimmery blouse. You look stunning. Hey, why not ask Hubs to take your picture so we can see your smiling face?!!! :)


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