Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chicken Wire, Leather and Scratched Paint

In my 31 Days of Finding Joy, today was a very simple find. I love my home and this past week we acquired a new-to-us beautiful leather couch at a crazy low cost! I am absolutely in love with it. 

You know how when you change one thing in a home, it tends to have a domino effect and other pieces have to come or go according to the new addition? This new couch called for a coffee table and/or footstool because we like to stretch out while watching TV or reading. But we could not afford a new coffee table or ottoman. 

The answer was stored away in our garage for the last several years.....a big old scruffy chicken coop! It was our whimsical coffee table while the boys were growing up. (Smart huh?) I had gotten tired of it and even this week when Hubs suggested bringing it back in, I was against it, but decided to give it a try and I'm so happy to have it here under my feet as I write this on my comfy couch!

Hubs and I used to live in a granny house on the back of a friend's ranch. This chicken coop was tucked away in one of the barns, covered in chicken doo-doo and feathers. We scraped and cleaned and aired it out and ta-daa! Talk about re-cycling, we did it long before it was the thing to do. (We also had no money and that always leads to creativity doesn't it?)

Yes, my home and THINGS give me JOY! God and I had a conversation about this many years ago and it was so wonderful to discover that he is OK with our delight in objects. He is not jealous or worried that I may worship my furniture at all. God is pretty secure that way.

 **Thank you God for the joy found right here in my home. As I look around I know that I am blessed to be safe and comfortable. I do not take this for granted. The walls before my eyes are in pretty yellows and reds, colors that speak of joy. I live in joy! 
Thank you Father.

Do you have some pieces of furniture that bring you joy? Tell me about them....

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  1. my new sofa that i waited so long for did bring me joy but my dog ate it the other day!! my daughter when she was 3 wanted a writing bureau for Christmas, and we found an awesome one for her...she adores it, i am full of joy every single time i see it xxxx loving your theme x

  2. I LOVE your chicken coop coffee table! So in style today...many people are raising chickens again, and repurposing items is so chic! You are one chic chick with a chicken coop coffee table! Whew! And the sofa does look wonderfully comfortable! Happy to find joy with you in those delightful items. I am away from home right now,so I can't really write about the things that bring me joy...except the fact that we are with our son and grandson and dil in Maine, and that brings me immense joy! I'm also glad that my hubby insisted on bringing our laptop along! I fought the idea, but he insisted, and here I this brings me joy too! Enjoying your JOY!!

  3. Moving home is a great time to think about investing in a new sofa that really works well with your new living room interior.


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