Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My friends are moving away, dang it.

Can we do this
my friends?
Will Facebook, 
email and cell phones
keep us 

We have laughed, cried,
and talked
and talked
and talked
and laughed some more
as we sipped our wine.

Our "Girl's Nights"
were my highlight.
The words and looks
that floated back and forth
changed my life.

Yes, we can do this.
Distance won't be my enemy.
Living in different cities
will add new stories
to our conversations. 
New flavors to our recipes.

You guys
are my Joy Find today.
I love you. 

31 Days of Finding Joy!

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  1. ooo nooo, friends moving away! it will bring new ways to have fun! xxx

    1. Yah, it really stinks, but I'm trying to be a big girl about it. Some days I do better than others.

  2. I also love these dear ladies, as I do you!!!! I totally understand some of those pieces of your heart. That bunch of yours will always be connected as your hearts, and the hearts of your hubbies, have grown together into a giant kingdom heart that beats in unison. I actually think that if one of you puts your hand on your heart, the others will feel that touch in theirs! I love you Susie and C,and T and B!

    1. Thank You Delana. This was posted really late in the day because I was so sad about them all moving away. But then I saw that the very thing that mad me sad, was the same thing that gave me so much joy over the years. I am thankful for friends to miss.

  3. So sad when friends move away but glad we have phones etc

  4. I think it's rough to lose your friends to another town. Since San Diego is a town that doesn't keep people around, I tend to lose friends to other towns. But I think FB does help to keep up with them. I make it a point to write them as much as possible (since I'm not a phone person.) BTW In no way am I trying to down play how hard the change is for you.

  5. I have a heavy heart when friends move away. Back in May, a friend moved to Texas. Things weren't as she thought they'd be. Last week she moved back. I wrote a few letters and she responded. We emailed back and forth. We had facebook. She came back for a visit last month and decided she wanted to move back here. She arrived back here last Thursday. Another friend went out to help drive her drive a truck back.


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