Sunday, October 14, 2012

Joy Bullets - Part II Added On

31 Days of Finding Joy!

JOY Find Bullets:

  • Having best friends in my home for the weekend!
  • Sunshine today after the fog.
  • Thought Layla ran away and scoured the neighborhood.
  • She was just visiting next door, the one place I did not go, too panicked I think!
  • Seeing old friends at a bridal shower!
  • Catching up on hugs missed.
  • A friend's morning face and hug, the best!
  • Sitting around a dinner table talking big talk, love it!
Added later:

  • Hearing my friend go, "Oooh!" as she scrolls her iPhone reading this post without me asking her to.
  • She then asks, "When in the world did you DO this?" because we've been nearly inseparable for the last 3 days. Did it in the 15 minutes extra it took her to get ready to go out yesterday. I am a speed blogger!
  • Maybe the next post will be about that interesting outing.
  • Saying Good-bye AGAIN 45 minutes ago was NOT a joy bullet!
  • But I thank you God for friends to miss.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend...count it all JOY!!

    1. It was a great weekend Pam. My friends were here for a bridal shower and will return in a few weeks for the wedding, so we get to do it again! yay!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes I am! I hate that a bunch of my closest buddies are moving away and some already have. But I am reminding myself that it is a blessing to have them as friends near or far! Thanks for commenting Jennifer!

  3. I do not enjoy bullets. They are deadly. I will make an exception for yours, however.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    1. These bullets are perfect for short windows of opportunity to write and hopefully not as deadly as that other kind!

  4. Love the non-stop-ness of a weekend with 'besties' (as my younger 'hip' daughter calls her best friends). I always tell her how blessed she is to have such dear friends that it hurts so much when she has to say good bye. It doesn't change even when we're old (ish!).

    1. I think they become even MORE important when we get older don't you? I see the value in each one and accept them as they are, as they do for me.

  5. Those joy bullets are powerful for killing foul moods, aren't they? :-)

    1. Yah, I may keep doing JOY BULLETS even after the October blog challenge of writing "31 Days of ______ " is over. Thanks for stopping by!


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