Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ladies Who Roll Leaves

Recently I had the joy and pleasure to be part of a very special ladies circle.....

No, no, not THAT kind of ladies circle!

Well, that's a little bit closer.

A young friend of mine is getting married soon, so her mom organized a gathering of lady friends to prepare dolmades, stuffed grape leaves to be served at the wedding reception. Even though I know very little about cooking and especially Greek dishes, I had a great time rolling leaves for a few hours with my friends.  

Women together, working side by side in a task of love. The warm, nurturing atmosphere included the young bride-to-be among a table full of us "slightly" older women who have watched her move from little girl to young woman in love. When we look at her we remember our bride time and can't help but smile with a knowing. A sweet step back to the fuzzy warmth of the newlywed days.

Love was the ingredient that swirled around that table of busy hands, stuffing, rolling and bragging about who had the biggest collection of finished dolmades. Wine and laughter also flowed freely because we are women who enjoy one another's company no matter what we are doing. We made 450 of these babies!........

31 Days of Finding JOY!

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  1. That was a fun gathering and celebration of the young lady you have watched grow up. We love dolmas at our house, even used grape leaves we grew to make some.

    1. It was a first for me and they were delicious!

  2. How awesome! Felowship, Food and Fun! Joy full- yup!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time of bonding...my own daughter is getting married in about a year, and I'm excited to be involved in some of the prep :)

    1. It can certainly be a stressful time, but don't forget to cherish the sweet moments, like these.


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