Saturday, October 6, 2012

No, Joy!

My Joy Find for today has 4 legs and makes me laugh more than grumble. Yes, I am going to talk about our puppy Layla, again. Be warned.... cat people may need to look away because this post is extremely dog photo heavy. 

I have filled up lots of Internet space complaining about Layla since she joined our empty nest last February. Hubs insists that even though we adopted her for free, she is NOT a free dog. He is always adding up the damages she has caused in our home and yard. But he likes her anyway though he will not confess to "loving" her. Yet. 

Layla gives me giggles and everyone knows that giggles = JOY. 

I told you HERE about our new furniture we acquired recently. Layla is cracking me up lately as she keeps trying to find a comfy spot to nap between the couch and the coffee table.......

As if a blog full of dog photos was not enough, how about a dog video? As I wrote back HERE, Layla is wearing an anti-bark collar on and off and learning not to bark at things she sees out the window. You will see in the video that she has learned not to bark. Now we need an anti-whine collar............................

Whine anyone?

I will conclude with a picture of JOY. This is my sister's dog, she is adorable isn't she? Hubs loves to tease my sister about the time we visited at their home and the dog was being disobedient, so my sis kept saying a sharp, "No, Joy!"  It sounded so funny....maybe you had to be there.


  1. A little more contortion and she is bound to get comfy!

  2. I thought seriously about writing my 31 Days Series on Joy as well. Instead I am writing daily on the topic of Letting Go. Fun stuff!

  3. ahhh doggy joy...gotta love it...2 terriers in 1 house here so im with you on this x

  4. Oh Joy! It is pure joy to hear that you are truly enJOYing your puppy dog these days. I wasn't sure if you were ever going to get there...but I figured it was only a matter of time. Will be for hubs too. This was an enJOYable post! Thanks.


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