Wednesday, October 17, 2012

JOY in the Rag Bin

My Betty Crocker Bridal Cookbook. Pretty sure
it used to be a bright orange.

I've been attending more than a few bridal showers in the last year or so, probably because we taught a college age ministry school and now they are all getting matched up and entering into wedded bliss. (Yes, it's still going to happen for those of you who are single.) 

As I watch the brides-to-be open their shiny new kitchen ware, bath towels and home supplies, I sometimes make a whispering comment that there ought to be a '30 Years Married Shower'. Is that not a wonderful idea? Let's make this a thing, OK? 

My nut cracker.

I mean there should be a reward for staying married that long and still be using the towels and dishes we got for wedding gifts. My 'rag bin' is overflowing with the remnants of the beautiful bath towels I received years ago when we first married. 

When you keep scissors near by while folding towels,
it means the towels are getting close to joining the Rag Bin.

The first time I saw my own dishes in an antique store
it made me feel so old! These Pyrex and Corning Ware dishes
are in high demand on eBay. I'm vintage!

We have been married for 34 years and all my baking dishes were gifted to me at my wedding shower and as wedding presents. I think that a '30 Years Married' shower would be perfect for us who've been together through the hard stuff and the good stuff. Sickness and health, multiple moves to new homes and sometimes into older and smaller homes. 

NO, I never used this in my laundry room, I'm not THAT vintage.

I am not crazy about the dishes that I've lived with all these years. We only registered for our "special" dishes and silver in those days. We didn't register for the normal everyday household items, at least I don't remember doing that. 

But I am still crazy about the groom I chose 34 years ago. He's a keeper, even though he's a little chipped around the edges. Honey, you are my JOY Find today. I love you Hubs. 

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  1. Replies
    1. I know. Do we sign a petition somewhere or what? :)

  2. Your Corning Ware dishes are awesome! That's hilarious that your "vintage" items are going for top dollar on ebay now. I completely agree that there should be 30-year showers. Congratulations on making your marriage work for so long! My hubby and I have been together for 11 years, so we've got some time before our dishes become vintage. :)

    1. Retro is the way to go now apparently. I could maybe make some big bucks huh?

  3. I completely agree about that 30 year wedding shower idea--I've said the same thing at showers (and when looking through my linen closet). But well-used means a whole lot of living has been done with them too, right? And there's joy in that. And...I think my mother had that orange Betty Crocker cook book. She would have been married 57 years last June. So it's a whole lot older than you/we are. (I'm a Joy of Cooking person myself, And what do you know--full circle to a Joy offering!)

    1. There really is a great deep joy is knowing that my things are well-used and part of my/our story.

  4. Great idea! LOve the green pyrex especially!

    1. I never cared for it honestly. The olive green was all over my childhood home and I was tired of it by the time I got married. But it is popular again, along with owls and mushroom designs. Crazy!

  5. A lot of your stuff is called "retro" and is now very "in" apparently. I do like the thought of getting everything new again though. It's funny the way fashion, of all kinds, weaves in and out. . . and then, the next thing we know what has become old fashioned to us has become very fashionable to our children.

    And then, once we have spent our lives building up things - we spend time trying to get rid of it. Someone has a very good sense of humour!

    Thanks for this Suzie.

    1. Yes "retro" is the word for it I guess. Maybe if I sell it all I could use the $$ to get modern things I like! Ha!

  6. I love my "oldies but goodies" wedding gifts that I still have. But yes, the 30 + year marriage shower is a great idea! I've said that for years! I need new sheets, towels, pots and pans, all the latest new stuff and gadgets. I keep saying I'm going to downsize...but it would be nice to downsize with all new stuff! But let me tell you...the corning ware and pyrex, etc., that we got was all made in the USA. The stuff they get today is all made in China. It won't be around in 30-40 years like our stuff, I guarantee it!


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