Thursday, October 11, 2012

Princess Layla - Not Happening

It seems like all the cool pets are showing up
in my Facebook feed wearing cute
Halloween costumes.

I decided to discuss
the idea with Layla yesterday.

I showed her the super cute
tiara with pink fluff that even included a magic wand.
I thought she'd make a great little fairy princess.

She checked it out carefully.

Layla was not impressed with the costume
and covered her eyes
with shame that I would even suggest such a thing.

(I wasn't sure you could see her front leg over her eyes and nose,
 so I marked it with an orange arrow.)

My little blog project is doing some interesting things
to my heart and the way I face each day.
I am intentionally looking for things to be joyful
about in each day for the month of October,

"They" say that creating a habit takes
21 days of repetition. 
The joy-finding habit used to come naturally to me
and thankfully this blog challenge 
is bringing me back to my true self.

Thank you Nesting Place for starting this
fun and valuable blog activity.
Today's JOY Find is
blog challenge.

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  1. Layla is a princess whether she wears that thing or not! You have chosen a great journey with joy. Praying for yours to all circumstances, and in unexpected ways! Love you!

  2. Princess Layla she is indeed. Never doubt that for a minute.

    Glad you are proceeding joyfully.

  3. My puppy, Kincade, would have destroyed that tiara in 10 seconds flat. I'm thinking that makes dainty, thoughtful Layla a princess for sure!

    1. Haha! Full disclosure and further proof that pics can be deceiving; She actually was biting it in the first pic and the others are the result of my tussle with her to get it back! Haha! Feel better now?

  4. Layla just isn't the pink tiara princess type...but she is royally cute anyway! Sometimes we just don't fit the molds that others try to push us into either. We need to be true to ourselves...and to our relationship with our God. Not just because someone says that's what we are supposed to do...just because we know He loves us just the way we are! Thanks for sharing this daily dose of joy!

  5. too many "justs" in my comment above. just seems to happen that way somedays. LOL!

    1. Haha! Don't worry I wasn't counting. I love your comment and the great way you applied the post to our bigger lives Pam! Thanks you JUST such a wise and JUST woman! :)


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