Friday, October 19, 2012

The Search for Joy

This practice of intentionally seeking the joy within each day has been a real atmosphere changer for me. You would expect that a strong christian woman like myself would automatically see things in a positive light. That maybe I wake up every morning singing verses and hymns and never toss my blankets all night with worry. 

I hope you are chuckling with me as you recognize the silliness in that assumption. I precisely chose the search for JOY in the "31 Days of _____" challenge because I needed to find it. I had slipped into an awful habit of listing the negatives of each day, ignoring, and so, not recognizing the positives. As if the bad stuff that has happened around me needs to be looked at and examined again and again. Why?

Today I do not know why.

It makes no sense at all.

Did I expect to be called upon to list them someday and need to justify my sadness or disappointment? 

Sounds pretty silly. Now. (By the way, that means the joy search is working!)

I've written before about the idea of "taking our thoughts captive" and choosing where our mind will go, rather than allowing it to wander willy-nilly all over the place like a basket full of kittens. This joy finding experiment has given me another tool to aid in taking our thoughts captive. It is easier to pull our thoughts off the bad stuff if we have a clear idea of where to direct  them. 

Find the JOY. 

Pull up the carpet if you have to. It is there somewhere.

Even if the only joy you can find is something as small as ...."Well, I am breathing today."

That's something! Rejoice in it. Revel in it. Thank God for it. 


My JOY FIND for today is that it now seems silly that I needed to do this. It did NOT feel silly when I chose it, and that shows that my mind and heart have been changed by this blog challenge. Yay! Thank you Father. 

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  1. And you still have 12 more days to keep finding more joy! JOY Joy JOY!!! I knew you could do it! I always found you to be joyful...your smile is proof positive of that. I know you don't always smile, who does? That would be goofy. But, well, it's ok to be goofy, just like it is ok to be sad sometimes. But I prefer goofy. I've had lots of practice at that...and it suits me better than being sad. So,just smile. Be joyful! (i think this should be my next blog post! LOL!)

    1. Pam, you sound a little bit like you may have had too much coffee today! Ha!

  2. at least i'm breathing today!

    much love.

    1. Oh Beautiful One, then that will be enough for today. Hang on to what little bit of joy you can grab. Praying for you often.

  3. I took a walk today and counted a few of my many blessings, which is a real spirit lifter, as you describe in your post.

    1. It is refreshing isn't it? Your comment has lifted me too! Thank you!

  4. up early this morning, my time, making donuts for the hoarde here this weekend... but also not having slept well since one little one is sick and the fear has already started mounting... she's not even running a fever or seeming distressed - but illness is a sore point between me and God these days.

    i had just finished kneading the donuts and was walking back to check on a few of the blogs i browse from time to time and thinking on the fact that i don't do a very good job of taking every thought captive...

    your blog was the first on the sidebar saying you'd published recently so hear i am... i think God just gave me a very tangible "um... yeah, girl! why don't you just LISTEN to me!"

    thanks for these words - they've convicted and challenged and encouraged, all in one.

    1. It is so astonishing and humbling to me when I hear that this little blog has made a difference in someones' day. Thank you for commenting and sharing how you heard God through these words! wow.
      And now I want some homemade donuts! Who does that? Bravo to you!

  5. Yep! Sometimes we have to look really hard to find the joy...but it IS always there!
    God has been teaching me to find joy in the simple, everyday things of life, and I'm so grateful for that.

    I loved this post, Susie, God bless you!


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