Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White Christmas or Vampires?

Tonight my Halloween plans will be the polar opposite a bit different than the traditional way I spend this creepy, scary holiday night. For the last several years Sassy Bride & I loved to turn out the lights and watch WHITE CHRISTMAS, singing along and getting into the mood for the holiday to come. (I'm not against Halloween and cute trick-or-treaters but this was more fun for us, with no little kids around.) 

Tonight though, Hubs and I will be going to the Varsity Theatre  in a near by college town to watch a movie that Rocker Son is in as one of the 3 main characters. He and his friends worked on this movie for a couple years and at last it is being premiered on the big screen and we are all excited for them. 

A short synopsis of the movie found on their website is as follows:
"The year is 1880 and monsters roam the Wild West! In search of blood to drink, raves to rob and brothels to pillage, three vampire cowboys journey to the fabled ghost town RAVENWOOD, a haven for the undead, where witches and the foul creatures of the night come seeking wicked refuge. But when our bloodsucking trio arrives, they quickly discover that this city has a bite far worse than their own."

I am expecting that many of the movie goers will be in costume and Hubs and I will probably stick out like old people who are lost sore thumbs. But it will be DARK,..... which reminds me of one of the band concerts we went to for Rocker Son's band when it played in San Francisco. I thought the directions must be wrong as we drove deep into the dark and silent warehouse district along the water. There were no signs or even streetlights as we parked and entered a big building that I still have no idea what it looked like inside or outside! We stood in the back and tried not to lean on the walls as we watched the band way up front beyond all the jumping bodies. So out of my element!

No, a horror vampire theme is NOT my normal movie style of choice. I highly doubt there will be any dancing or singing in it. But my boy is in it! 

I am so proud of Rocker Son and the many hours and months they worked on this project. It will be campy and cliche, but that's the point (I think!). They have tapped into what people are interested in and have added some new twists to it in a clever way.  

And if I start to get too scared or there is too much blood, I will just close my eyes and sing "Sisters, there never were such devoted sisters." 



  1. We must always support our kids even when we may not fully understand the "plot" of their lives. I know you will applaud your son's achievements and show appropriate parental pride! Even though I would not choose a vampire movie either, if it was my son who wrote it or was starring in it (or even had a bit part), I'd be there down in front cheering him on. We mothers are like that. We love our kids and we want to be a part of their lives. I say, "Bravo!".... This is just a stepping stone to bigger and a better and "Brighter" future!

  2. Cool : "Starring Peter Klein". Come on , so sweet! White Christmas is one of our faves! I have a funny Zombie story to share ...from the storm. More at some point! You are good mom and good model of grace in place...Love you!

  3. How exciting for you, your husband and your son! I hope you have a wonderful, not too scary, time!


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