Thursday, October 25, 2012

Worn but Not Worn Out

This morning we had some company drop by for a little visit and he came with his grocery store breakfast in hand to eat while we caught up a bit. I handed him one of our kitchen trays that I use when eating in front of the TV.

After he left I was washing it up and my heart just kind of melted as I cleared crumbs away. This round metal tray has been part of my daily life for so long, at least 20 years! 

Back in 1992 it held a place of honor as a decoration in my HEAVILY COUNTRY decorated kitchen in another town....Yikes!....I marked it with orange arrows because it would be difficult to FIND it in this busy busy celebration of blue & white! Ha!

There is something beautiful about the endurance and love that a simple object can carry. I don't even SEE the worn out evidence of age, all I see is warmth, love and beauty when I hold it and wash it. Look at how dark blue it was originally and now it is BARELY blue and the naked metal shows through the majority of it.

But I see the blue & white pattern as clearly as the first day I brought it into my home. While I washed it I wondered if my guest was offended at using such a worn out old thing. He would not know that it is cherished and important to me. How could he? His eyes see the now, mine see the original. 

I could go a few directions with this little life application: God always sees us at our best, marriage is about seeing the wrinkle-less original when we look at one another, age is not our enemy. 

All of the above is true. There is something simple and beautiful about endurance. About 
getting through the difficult times, being marked by them, with the wear and tear evidenced but still functioning. Still serving, still loving...still there.

My JOY FIND for today

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  1. To me, the joy is that you had a friend stop by with his breakfast in hand and he was comfortable enough to do that, so he was definitely comfortable enough to use your wonderful "vintage" tray! The JOY is in the friendship...AND in the comfort of both "treasures"...the friend and the beloved tray!

  2. Suzie,

    This is so beautiful! And so true! There really is something to cherish and treasure in the new patterns that time makes.

    Thank you for this.

  3. This is beautiful Suzie.

    I feel too that there are so many beautiful markings that time and God make,on our bodies, on our souls and on our lives. I think they are often missed because of their relationship to age, and time. That feels like a loss to me.

    Thanks for this reminder.

    Hugs from Canada!


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