Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Divine Collision

Just discovered this album this morning. *
Sitting here with one side being warmed by a snoring puppy,
watching the rain outside on a dark winter day.

"Took everything away until all I had is YOU.
Undo the veil so all I see is YOU.
I will PURSUE YOU....."

It's all about HIM.
Everything is about HIM,
His presence, His reality.

"I can't live without YOUR presence,
I long for your presence God.
....This ONE Thing, YOU!"

The soaked leaves are coating everything
and I keep hitting "Replay".
Saturated clear through.

"I will pursue YOU, O God.
I will not be denied.
I surrender to YOU."

The pursuit is MUTUAL.
Friends, join me in the mutual pursuit
and the divine collision!

* So sorry that you cannot listen as you read.
The YouTube of it was removed. Guess it was
just there long enough to bless me this morning!

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