Monday, November 19, 2012

Not Prejudice Against Cats, Just Wouldn't Want One Next Door


This morning I am going to have to agree with Miss Layla that cats should be out-lawed. It should be against the law to own a cat. This motion for a new law is probably too volatile for broad acceptance, so maybe it can be a county by county law. Even that would probably cause riots in the street, so perhaps I can make it a neighborhood rule. I'm not the Queen of the Court, but since most who live here are dog owners, we could probably get somewhere with this!

We have successfully trained Layla not to bark at the cats out the window, but now we are left with a very annoying whine. Her attitude, the one I am starting to fall in line with, is that no cats should be allowed anywhere within her range of sight. The cat that caused this video's whine was FIVE houses away and not even in our court! In her judgment the cat was on private property in her jurisdiction simply because it came within her eyesight. 

In other words...If she can see you, you must be terminated!

I don't know what would happen if I let her out. I am pretty sure that any face to face cat confrontation would end with her as the loser. The cat would either sprint away and out of reach or if cornered it would scratch her offended eyes out. 

She is a lot of bark (or whine) and no bite. At least that's what happened the one time she cornered a chicken in our backyard. Our next door neighbor was babysitting (chicken-sitting? Do not try to say that fast, 10 times.) the chicken for their mother-in-law. That was the explanation they gave when I had to knock on their door and tell them their chicken was in our yard. By that time, I had caught Layla and put her in her crate. She'd chased that poor frantic chicken all over our yard and then when she had it cornered, she just stared and barked at it. I am surprised that we did not have to preform chicken- CPR!

I personally do not mind cats at all. We had a cat for many years, who actually owned us if I were to be honest about the relationship. He did not greet us with unbridled love when we came home at night. He did not cuddle in our lap while we watched TV. Instead he invited all the neighbor cats to come poop in our planters and brought us dead mice every once in a while. Tony (original name huh?) would allow us to pet him for an un-pre-detirmined amount of time. You never knew when the purring would end and the violent scratching would begin. But I do know that there are plenty of lovely and sweet cats around, so don't come graffiti my house ok? 

The truth is that there are cat-people and dog-people. I am a dog-person and Layla is a dog-dog.  She is not a cat-dog, because that would just be weird. Maybe I will use her video when I make my presentation at the next city council meeting, if I play it long enough they will vote to outlaw cats just to save their ears. 
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  1. Poor you having to listen to Layla's whine. I enjoyed your post, even tho I do love cats. I see Layla's point, if she can see them, she wants to chase them. Oh, and a relative of ours has a dog named Kitty-Dog, now what's up with that?

  2. As a cat lover, I must stand up for the other side. Our cat Mr. Ricky, thinks he's a dog. He greets us at the door, races me up the stairs then stops, flips on his back for a rough and tumble belly rub. He "sits up" for treats and snuggles on my hubby's lap for an entire afternoon of football. He is a big bundle of fur love. BUT, I think cats should be kept indoors just like dogs are for the most part. That way the birds are much happier, dogs aren't tormented and the flower beds are safe. Just my two cents. Thanks for your posts. Always great food for thought and conversation.

  3. I have to say, if there are any laws outlawing pets, it should definitely be dogs. My cat does run to greet me when I come home and he lays in my lap every time I sit down in a chair. Dogs are loud and they bite. I am not a dog lover, but I do feel that people who are have the right to own them. I know this was all in fun but I just had to give you the other side, also in fun.

  4. That's hilarious! Aurora and Ashley told me to tell you that Cat's RULE and Dogs drool. Banjo is snoring and didn't even wake up for Layla's whine. Banjo hates most other dogs and just about everyone else but me. He's co-dependent. I love my dogs and cats equally. BUT the cats do not enjoy a ride in the car. Yet I prefer one of them laying on my belly at night (Ashley) to Banjo's 170 lbs. Thank God for our pets! ;)

  5. I can't believe but this one won't be your most commented post yet. I have to agree with Kat on this one. Outlaw the loud, dump leaving, kid biting, drooling, bad smelling dog. They don't ask me about my cat on my homeowner's insurance, but they've got three questions on dogs, and will not let me start a policy if any one of them have ever bitten any one or are trained for attack or guard dog purposes. When I go for a walk in the neighborhood, I don't worry about the cat. But I can be quite afraid of the German Shepherd they have chained to the dog house who snarls and growls and barks as I walk by. Is that chain strong enough? Is it going to hold? Am I taking my life in my hand as I walk around the block?

  6. I don't have either one...I'm a dog person more than a cat person...but can't deal with the commitment to have a pet at this time. Plus, we live in the forest with big black bears walking through our yard every night...not sure pets are a good idea with that in mind. We just enjoy God's pets...the birds and rabbits and raccoons and bears....I don't have to worry about getting them their shots, flea collars, food, etc., and they provide free entertainment. Just can't cuddle up to them.
    Enjoy your puppy dog. She is just being a dog. She can't help it. And cats? Well, they will just be cats...they can't help it either. Enjoy!


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