Sunday, November 11, 2012

On Why you Should Never Throw Anything Away

I know! There is a great movement happening now about how we should all be paring down, living leaner, cleaner lives with less clutter and garages that actually have room for a car. But I come to you tonight (when I ought to be in bed) and I give you evidence to the contrary. 

An interesting and somewhat amusing phenomenon has shown itself in my home as of late. It is this: As the family funds have shrunk....the usefulness of discarded (in the back of drawers and closets) items has actually grown in value. 

Let me explain (and illustrate). 

Last week I finally decided to add "foundation make-up" to our shopping list. Working (or not) at home has saved on my make-up needs so much that I have not replaced anything in ages. When I do use make-up I've been fine with using a q-tip to get the very last bits out of the jar I had. 

Just before heading to the store I happened to notice an old bottle in the very back of my make-up drawer. It was a color I had disliked and replaced with something more acceptable at the time. BUT, this time I tried it and then rejoiced as I happily crossed the item off my shopping list!

Yesterday I felt industrious and I got to work cleaning and organizing my clothes closet. I ended up with a huge pile of blouses, shirts and skirts for the goodwill and for the garbage can. (I could write a whole post on the emotional ties we have with clothes that represent things in our lives and how hard it is to let go of them!) There was a neat stack of jeans that were too small or I hated in the very back corner of my closet and I just added them to the goodwill pile because I knew they were all in good shape and someone would love them. 

Late last night after I bagged up the skirts and shirts and cut up the old t-shirts for motorcycle rags, I saw the stack of jeans and decided to try them on before giving them away. Surprise, surprise, four out of the six fit fine and I cannot even remember what I hated about them so much that I had refused to wear them for over a year! 

So my friends, the moral of the story is that the things that were not good enough for you when you had enough money, are now just fine when you are not quite as picky. 

Teeny tiny motel lotion, totally usable!


  1. Ha ha_this is great ! I had just gotten into bed and forgot to shut the phone down for the night when I heard a loud bing (Facebook alerted me of your post!)so love this post it is good to be resourceful . One finds treasure everywhere! Nivhty night !

  2. Uh-oh..notmsure if it was age for me to have reason to save things!

  3. Oh dear, I was just thinking about how I needed to clean closets and you've gone and spoiled my ambition. Ha Ha. Not. (I didn't have any ambition to start with...) I come from a long line of "savers" (not hoarders, just thrifty savers....) But it is interesting how sometimes those old clothes we thought were out of style or didn't fit actually come back into style and fit again if we give them enough time. At least that's what I keep hoping.
    This was good. Yeah, I've done the q-tip thing with makeup too.

  4. Finding an old long forgotten stuff sometimes indeed feels like finding a treasure. When I was visiting my mom I took a time to peek in my old drawers and found a lovely trouser that I have forgotten about it. I wore it when I was high school and surprisingly after the second baby it still fit me perfectly!...Well that was three years ago. It was torn on the rear side a year ago. Guess I am growing :P

  5. I believe you are right. I think that may be why I keep things. It isn't a sentimental thing for me but I do look at these things knowing I may never have the money to get something like that again.

  6. A new way of looking at old things! Thanks!

  7. This is a brilliant post. I'm proud of you for writing this. How insightful, wise, and Godly. That Cover Girl foundation is exactly the one I have used for years. :) It used to come in a cuter plastic bottle; I loved the shape and was sad to see it change (probably because it was reminiscent of high school). And you're so right about how our bodies change and also how our perspectives change. It's likely that something that didn't work at one time will work later ... or at least work for someone!

    I have a karmic relationship with things. I release them freely and happily, all the more so if I know I'm truly helping someone with a need. I never sell things. And in so doing, I fully expect the universe to send "things" my way when I need them. I get so many hand-me-downs and just free stuff from people. And I love giving my things away too. It's a two-way blessing. :)


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