Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today and Peace

My heart feels heavy today. It seems that so much is at stake for both sides of this election. It is difficult to imagine either party accepting defeat in a gracious or peaceful way. My prayer is that calm heads and hearts will prevail at the end of this day.

My personality is one of peacemaker. I like people to get along. Long heated "discussions" about politics, religion, sports, or even faith, make me nervous and I just want to step in and help everyone find the compromise that will make all parties happy. 

I know that we need all personality types and that God created us to work together using our natural gifts. Strong leaders, negotiators, visionaries, followers....all are designed to enhance one another. I am thankful for the competitive type of people who want to fight and win no matter what it takes, but I am not one of them. I will let you win if it will make you happy. 

So, embracing who I am; my prayer today is for peace. Someone will lose today. The losing side will be hurt, disappointed and probably angry. I pray for peace. I ask God to cover and protect the hearts, bodies and emotions of the "losing" side. 

With so much misery and pain in our world right now, I ask Father God for comfort and a BIGGER view. Show us what we can do to help others. Show us where we can step in and be your hands. Show us how to put aside our grievances and frustration with government involvement or lack thereof and BE the help that people need today.

Today I am asking God to guide all of us to peace. To love and to putting the needs of others above our own. 

Peace is not weakness. Peace is seeing the bigger picture, the view beyond ourselves. Peace is not "giving up", it is the wisdom to discern the best solution for everyone. 

Father, cover this day and the results of this day with your peace.
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  1. AMEN!!! I love this about you, Susie. You have such a way of putting into words the thoughts of my heart and yet I always come out like Peter and too brashly state what I think. I have strong opinions and feelings, and yet I, too, want peace. I want us to see the bigger picture. I believe we are getting closer and closer to Christ's return, and that's not a bad thing! So either way, we WILL win!!

  2. Susie:
    Over on FaceBook, I saw a picture with words superimposed that says it all: No matter who is President, Jesus is King. I believe that God allows us to go through times like these in order to let us see the need for Him in our total lives. I just got back from the pharmacy. While there, I had a question for the pharmacist. As I waited for her, I overheard one of the Pharmacy Techs tell another customer that he was leaving the pharmacy for another kind of work. As I waited and he finished with the other customer, I asked," Did I overhear right?" Yes I did. He's going through training to sell insurance. He will keep his weekend hours at the pharmacy, for a while. I told him I would pray for him. We all need to be ambassadors of His peace.


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