Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Night

 Merry Christmas Night!

Legs stretched out from couch to coffee table, I am attempting to write with a dog leaning heavily on my right arm. I push her away and she slowly but surely slides back to full weight against my body.

I think we are in a bit of a pay-back situation with Layla, our Lab puppy. Last night was Christmas dinner and gift opening with my son and his girlfriend here in our home. Layla is still OVERLY enthusiastic with visitors and freshly opened gifts would be too vulnerable to her curiosity....so she was in her crate or the back yard last night and again today while the Hubs and I saw The Hobbit. I am promising her lots of attention tomorrow, though that is making little difference right now.

We had so much fun with Rocker Son and Tattoo Girl on Christmas Eve! Delish ham dinner was followed by me getting antsy to get to the presents! Quickly clearing the table and rinsing my favorite plates, I literally clapped my hands with anticipation!
I was surprised over and over again at the wonderful treasures my family had chosen for me. (Thank you Pinterest Wish List!!) Makes me feel very loved. Some secrets were being passed between Hubs and family that simply give me a sense of wonder and thankfulness. 

Watching the "kids" open the gifts we chose for them was pure pleasure. (Ahem, again, Pinterest saves the day!)  I've decided that it is not weird to be buying toys for grown up kids. After opening a cute dolly or a Lego model kit, we heard stories of their childhood memories attached to the toy. I loved that and will never feel odd about hunting through the toy section for my big "kids" again!

I hope that your Christmas was special, whether you had a house-full or a quiet home. It is still Christmas day here in California, but I am already looking  to a new year and all it may hold for us. What will be different in 2013? What changes, new relationships, new jobs and opportunities are ahead of us? 

What are YOU hoping for in 2013?

Cinnamon candied almonds from our tree. So yummy!
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  1. Susie: I don't know what will be different in 2013. But I do know I am going to be trusting God and his grace more than I have. Trust was my word for 2012 and grace is my word for 2013

    1. That is great. My ONE WORD for 2012 was TRUST also! It was so interesting to see all of the different meanings that word had for me these last 12 months. I have my new ONE WORD for 2013 and I will be posting about it next week.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. Not sure what's ahead in 2013... xo


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