Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hunkered Down Birds

Almost like "Where's Waldo", 
once you see one red-breasted robin,
you see more and more.

My backyard tree
is a safe refuge today
in the middle of a messy storm.

Just now counted 15
nestled in our almond tree.
Been there all day.

patient and unfazed.
They know the storm will pass.

Discomfort is real life.
The sun will return
along with the green leaves.

Silent, hopeful
Peace in a winter storm.

Raw and beautiful
in a way that reminds
us that nothing is forever.

The rough weather will give way
to sunny skies.
In the right time.

I watch these 
hunkered down

And know that
new seasons come,
bringing hope and happy songs.

All is well.
Our tree is bare but sturdy
ready for the leafy green of the next season.

Thank You Father
for my beautiful life!
You are here, so I am safe.

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  1. "I am safe." Something that I needed to hear today. Thank-you.

  2. That was beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen that many Robins in one place. Wishing you a Happy Christmas x

  3. Lovely...I love it when you do poetry. You are a gifted writer in so many ways. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Merry day after Christmas.


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