Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Am Putting Christmas Away

It's the last Sunday of 2012 and I am putting Christmas away. Packing it up and storing it safely away for another 300 days or so. 

The slow removal of fragile golden ornaments is a quiet and contemplative ritual for me. I like to be alone while putting Christmas away. Everything has a special place and I am aware that the more carefully I put the decorations away, the easier and smoother it will be to decorate our home once again for Christmas 2013. 

My new furry little partner this year has been banished to the backyard. She assumed the packing foam and shiny red tinsel was hers for the taking. I shouted gently requested she "Drop it!" and her eyes flickered with excitement at the new game as she stared me down with packing foam and strands of tinsel hanging from her mouth.

So much for sweet moments of reviewing the years' end. 

I walk all over the house looking for signs of the holiday that I may have missed. You get used to seeing Christmas everywhere and almost every year I find some small magnet or ribbon that is still up once the boxes are packed away into the garage. The house looks so bare once the greenery and colorful decorations are stripped away. My eyes have to adjust to the change over the next few days. 

Good-bye Christmas 2012. 
Good-bye 2012.

I've said too many good-byes this year and I am ready for some hellos. 
Hello to new ways of walking with God.
Hello to contentment mixed with adventure.
Hello new writing jobs. 
Hello new blog friends all over the world.
Hello to embracing the life that God has given me to live.
Hello to an open heart that is ready to go, do and be, where, what and who HE says I am.

I am putting Christmas away. 

It's going into the box along side 2012, so I'll have room for 2013.

Hello 2013....I've been waiting for you!

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  1. But not yet! It's the 12 days of Christmas! I refuse to put it away until the needles fall off the tree! But I am ok if you put it away! ;) tee-hee. Sweet post, seriously and love and Happy New Year to you!

    1. I'm with you, Dawn, But Susie can do what she wants. This is her blog, not ours! LOL. We love you Susie, and in some ways I'm envious. Would you like to come take my stuff down and put it away too? I dread the mess again. I'm not quite ready to stress myself that way just yet, so I will enjoy it a few more days. Happy New Year to everyone!!

  2. I love the greeting of embracing who God wants you to be. This has been a big year for our family. My husband stepped down from his 22-plus year role of senior pastor and is entering a new career. We feel a bit like the Israelites getting ready to dip their tootsies in the water and watch it dry up and part. I know God is ready to act in my life, He's just asking me to trust him with wet feet.

    1. Julie, that would explain the connection we have felt. We also are walking into a new unknown after over 25 years of ministry leadership. Crazy and odd and slowly becoming a free feeling! Bless you as you take this turn in your journey!

    2. hmmm I'm feeling a bit envious of you both... :)
      Susie, I put my Christmas away today, a few days earlier than usual. (I normally take my tree down on the 8th, a tradition we started when I was a child as part of celebrating my mom's birthday. Come to think of it, that's kind of a sad way to spend your birthday!) lol

  3. Wow, Susie. Thank you for making what is for me such a depressing ritual into something quite sweet and lovely.

  4. I am not putting my Christmas away yet... but, that's a lot because I struggle with SAD (season affective disorder) and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS make me HAPPY in the bleak mid-winter. But, I completely resound with your words. I love the New Year... and the idea of how God makes all things new. I'll post a note about that in the coming days!! Love you Recovering Church Lady :D

  5. Happy New Year! Praying that 2013 is rich in blessings for you x


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