Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's My Sister-in-Law's Fault!

Dear Blue and White Wonderfulness,

I thought we had ended it once and for all. That's what we promised each other, right? I had gone overboard for you and nearly ruined my marriage. So we began the slow and painful process of stepping out of each others lives. 

I carefully removed many of the small mementos of our love affair from my home. You had begun to take over. My husband complained of living in a black and white picture because of all the blue and white surrounding him in our home. 

But I won't blame the ending of our love on my husband. I too, longed for something more, something different. Maybe some red or yellow? I began to invite them into my house as I slowly and strategically moved you into the back bedroom. You were happy there weren't you? 

My kitchen is still accessorized in you. My favorite dishes are blue and white after all. But our torrid love affair was now a softer and gentler version of it's original. 

AND THEN LAST NIGHT you walked back into my life in full force! More than "walked", you strutted! My sister-in-law innocently carried you into my living room wrapped in RED Christmas paper of all things. She had no idea of the power you hold over me, no idea that she was re-igniting an old flame. 

You, my new blue and white piece of wonderfulness, you sit here on my coffee table, with a full 28 inches of girth in your mid section. The blue is the perfect shade against the soft white of your background. The hearts around the edge call my name. You have grabbed my heart once again. I just cannot quit you.

PS. Thank you Carol, I love you even more than blue and white!

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  1. hahahaha! That is a riot! so pretty too!

  2. Some things are just meant to be....LOL. Love it! If you decide to part with it, let me know!


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