Friday, December 7, 2012

Random Journal Day - A Key Against the Enemy

It is our once-a-month RANDOM JOURNAL DAY! Anyone can do it. Just grab the nearest journal, open randomly and use the entry of that day to inspire your post! Then link up so others can enjoy your blog and you can go visit other blogs. Great way to find new friends and take a look back into your own life journey at the same time!

I opened a journal to March 4, 2006. I used my journal for taking notes of spiritual speakers I enjoyed while we were the overseers of a ministry school, and this day we were drinking in the great wisdom from our friend Graham Cooke

Here is a small excerpt......"When the enemy uses intimidating language, what will you answer? He says, "You are useless.", how can you use the battle with him, against him and make yourself stronger? Use the accusation as a KEY to DO the opposite thing he accused you of. The enemy is a LIAR...therefore whatever he says about you is the total opposite of the TRUTH."

That tiny piece of teaching is packed with power my friends! I need to read this over and over again. 

Ok now it's time to hop on over to Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith and see who else is opening up their journals for all to see....
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  1. Great words of wisdom and encouragement. Thank you for this powerful reminder...always something that we need to remember in these days of so much negativism in the world.

  2. Power, yes! I always take notes in service and whenever I am listening to such wonderful messages that God brings through his messengers! Thanks , Susie. Good words to consider!

  3. Ridiculous how I needed just this word this morning. Ridiculous that I actually needed it, when I should KNOW it already. Ridiculous that the enemy gets into us when we have that power residing right inside of us. Ridiculous in the most amazing way. Thank you, Susie.


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