Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Didn't Like that Wallpaper Anyway

In my mini series of Embarrassing Moments in Leadership you've read the first 5 stories listed here, from candy throwing to China meltdowns. 

Today I am going to combine the last two stories because they have the same theme; destroying the belongings of others. 

Mothering two very active little boys kept me in a near constant state of fuss and worry. We had some emergency room trips, but not as many as most. No, my worry and fear was about their behavior in front of others. My guys were quick, noisy and often attracting attention to this shy mom who would rather not be noticed. I hated to make a scene or be considered a bad mom, so I kept them close, holding their hands at church, not allowing them to run with the other kids. But even a true "helicopter mom" loses track sometimes. 

We were visiting our brand new senior pastor and his wife who intimidated me very much, when we heard a long ripping sound. I still cannot imagine how it happened so quickly. You know that teeny tiny edge of loose paper that sometimes shows up on wallpaper? Well, our observant son discovered the edge of loose wallpaper in our pastor's dining room and decided to repair the problem by pulling on it. Yah, thanks kiddo for making a great first impression. 

Several months later while visiting the same couple, our little man dropped a beautiful sugar bowl and it smashed to smithereens on the tile floor. I quickly apologized and offered to replace it. Not happening. It was a discontinued pattern of heirloom china left to them after her mom's recent passing. 

Our small men were left with a sitter for all visits thereafter. 

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  1. I can relate!!!! :) My son was busy too! AND I was a single mom...haha.

  2. Boys will be boys. I should know. I had 3, and all three were preacher's kids too. And yes, we had plenty of embarrassing moments. I'm saving them for my own stories someday...but trust me, your kids were OK!!! I know you were mortified, but in the grand scheme of sure made for some great stories today! And I'm sure those nice folks have forgotten all about it by now. If they haven't, then THEY have the problem! That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! BTW did the Sr. Pastor and wife have any kids? boys?

    1. They were and are totally gracious and kind friends of ours. But that did not help us feel any better. Ha!

  3. This is a cute story. I understand about not knowing what kids, especially boys, will do next. Min had a very active mouth. You don't have enough space here for me to tell you what I feared my son would do one time.

  4. Oops! Those are the WORST embarrassing stories. You feel so helpless, yet responsible.


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