Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Look at Me!

I went to China.....and lost it.

I have a terrible fear of being embarrassed. I'm not great at laughing at myself when I do something dumb in front of people. Wish I was. It seems like the people who are the most fun  to be around have this ability to relax and go with the flow no matter how silly they look. I just tense up and become a stick-in-the-mud. 

But, I AM able to laugh at myself in the past tense. I have been thinking about a blog post of some of my most embarrassing moments in church leadership. There are 6 or 7 that come to mind right away. Let's see, I would title them (making up the titles as I type this):

  1. New Pastor's Wife throws Parishioner's Candy on the Floor
  2. Panty on the Table Cloth
  3. ZIIIP!!!
  4. Sweetheart, Your Ear is Bleeding
  5. Losing It in China
  6. We Didn't Like that Wallpaper Anyway
  7. We Also Didn't Care about that Irreplaceable Heirloom Sugar Bowl Either
Stories to go with these titles coming soon!
Oh, my mind is humming with more stories! Just call me Sister Dork.

Help me feel better, tell me your embarrassing mess-ups in front of others. C'mon!

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  1. So. I was a lunch lady-taking the money and the kids were all coming to get into the lunch line. I sat down somehow, the chair was not to be found by my ass. I fell on the floor in front of all these kids and other adults. It was a hard fall and certainly not pretty. I embarrassingly said I was fine and when I got home....I got to inspect the huge bruises.

    1. Oh OUCH in more ways than one! It was probably hard to return the next day and face them!

  2. Oh please-- I have so many and try to forget them. OK let's see (and I'll go by titles as you did):

    1. Which hand do you write with? Oh, you only have one hand... (Or Capitalizing on Poor Observational Skills)
    2. Tripping old lady at funeral
    3. Mispronouncing words at college function in front of college president (Or How To Look Entirely Ignorant in 3 Seconds)
    4. Oh-- that snarky email went to you? My bad...

    Feel better?

  3. I have the annoying habit to say everything I think, when I'm nervous. That's not always fun ... Often I am ashamed afterwards. (But my husband love it) Biggest blunder: myself locking in toilet at school, as a girl of 11 because I was afraid of the dentist. (In Holland the dentist came to school with a large bus, two dental chairs in it). My father was director of school. He forced the door and I was in the dentist bus, in the chair ....

  4. We were in a motel room in Kentucky one December on our way to Florida. I walked up to the outer door and looked through the peep-hole. I got shocked (static electricity) on the end of my nose. Hubby still likes to remind me of that event.

  5. As a young pastor's wife at a brand new church...When helping to serve at a church social function, I went to one of the Elders of the church with a tray of beverages and said, "Coffee, Tea, or Me?" He raised one eyebrow, looked at me, smiled, and said, "Oh my!", I blushed, stammered, and said, "oops!, Where did THAT come from?" LOL!!!

    How about at another church, when my husband was being interviewed for the pastor position, when I was introduced to one of the gentlemen on the church board and I heard that his name was "Bob Evans" (which in this part of the country is also the name of a country style restaurant), and I said, "Bob Evans? Oh, I love your sausage!" Boy, was his face red, but not as red as mine when I realized what I said. My husband was unanimously called to be the pastor there.

    1. PAMELA! What a saucy young thing you were! Haha! Thanks for sharing these.

    2. Susie: I was innocent, believe me...just had a bad case of open mouth insert foot disease! I wish I could say I've been cured! LOL.


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