Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Really Should Have Grabbed His Tie!

Great photo right? When I had long hair, NOT REALLY.
 Haven't had my hair that long since high school. And I had bangs.

Continuing with the mini-series of embarrassing moments in church leadership, this short story involves some blood, so I thought you all would love a good zombie picture to top it off. 

Hubs and I were attending a Christmas party in a nicely decorated home. It was a ministerial gathering, meaning the guests were all ministers and their wives from the local region. Some we knew well, and most we only saw at the annual parties. All are greeted with hugs. 

I was nervous and feeling awkward as usual, even in a new and pretty outfit. I remember hearing myself saying stupid, inane things to the men and women around me, wishing I could be clever and witty. 

That's when a minister I was talking with said, "Sweetheart, your ear is bleeding!" 

We were standing right in front of a huge mantel mirror and I turned to look at myself and with horror saw a solid red line of blood from my ear to my dress neckline. I remember thinking of using his tie to stop the blood. So glad I had enough sense not to do that! 

I scampered to the bathroom and got it stopped. The blood was from my earring and then I remembered what caused it to bleed. When that minister had hugged me it had been especially strong and I had heard a little "crunch" sound as his head pressed against my head. 

He had made me bleed, than called everyone's attention to it and did not even know that it was his fault! And if you know me at all, you know that I said nothing. 

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  1. I like to hug but some people are crazy huggers and should be avoided. They get a high-five or fist bump. He man-handled you, embarrassed you and called you sweetheart, I like to believe big oafs like him have redeeming qualities.

    1. Haha! Yah the "Sweetheart" was annoying and I almost mentioned it here but did not want to go there for now. And he wasn't even a big guy, just a very enthusiastic guy. Ha!

  2. oh, ouch. You are the queen of all grace and composure. I think that might qualify you for like royalty. ;)

  3. The picture really threw me. That was quite a hug...(I know that's not really you...). The ones I hated to see coming were the bone crushing hand shakers. I had to remember to remove my rings before shaking hands at the door as the people left the church...some people seemed to take pleasure in squeezing the blood out of my hands and crippling my poor knuckles. That's probably why I have such bad arthritis in my hands/fingers now! But on the other "hand" (no pun intended), I felt it was important enough to shake hands with my husband at the door each week so that I was willing to endure the pain. Some people I just had to hug instead of shake! LOL


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