Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Am I Here?

A Thursday conversation that may or may not have actually occurred..... 

Me: Thank you for the bright sunshine today God. It's cold but so pretty!

  • You're welcome, I made it with love.    

Me: I'm feeling kind of confused today, can we talk about it a bit?

  • I am right here.

Me: Why am I here? 

  • Because I love you.

Me: I know that. I mean, what am I here for?

  • To be loved.

Me: Okay, you are not getting this. What is my purpose?

  • To be loved.

Me: I know that you love me. You are so good at it, I feel very loved. I feel cherished.

  • But?

Me: But surely there must be some important work for me to be doing.

  • Don't call me Shirley. (No he didn't use that corny line. But I promise that God has joked with me before.) You are doing your important work, by letting others know that they do not have to do important work for me to love them. 

Me: But....

  • You are my Beloved and I am yours. Isn't that enough?

Me: Yes, it is. I embrace your embrace and rest in you today. Thank you Father.

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  1. I love this. I embrace it with you. I needed this tonight. Thank you. See? You are fulfilling a much needed purpose in the lives of many just keep being you. That's all God has asked.
    He loves you just the way you are...and so do we!

  2. This is a very touching post. I really like the format. From time to time I have the same doubt. But,He keeps loving me. Praise the Lord.

  3. Excellent message, so full of truth and grace and love.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. As I read your blog post, it occurred to me that your message today and my blog's message today could fit together... Your message as a starting point, my blog's message as what happens as a result (as overflow) after people grasp your blog's message.


    1. Hi Linda, thanks for coming by. I wrote this and then happened by your site and thought the same thing! I enjoy your blog a lot!

  4. Hi Susie - liked your dialogue. Answers don't seem to come across quite so clear do they? Just have to keep trusting and loving. :-)

    1. Thanks for coming by Pat. If only HE would write it in the sky for us! But actually HE does, nature is all about peace and living in the moment isn't it?

  5. This is perfect! Reminds me of the scripture, "I am my Beloved's and He is mine!" in Song of Solomon. My purpose is to love God and allow Him to love me. Thank you for linking up!

    1. And what a simple and beautiful purpose it is.

  6. You are my Beloved and I am yours. Isn't that enough?

    So true, and yet we still want more. Great post, visiting from The Weekend Brew!

    1. Hi, thanks for coming by. Heading over to visit you now!

  7. Oh, this is beautiful! I went through a stage not long ago when I was truly going of the rails, for I could for the life of me, not understand why all the church people keep telling me that Pappa God had a special plan for my life. My only problem was that I could never find out what the plan was. I have come to realize that usually the plan consisted of something that would benefit the structure or program of that particular congregation. You have blessed me with this profound truth. He does have a great sense of humor, doesn't He!
    Nice meeting you at Weekend Brew!
    Hugs XX

  8. Hi Susie,

    I'm visiting from Barbie's place. This is a sweet reminder that God's love and everything Jesus did for us really is enough. Thank you.

    Have a blessed Sunday!


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