Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy 'Say Kind Things To Yourself Day!'

Did you know that today, February 12 is Say Kind Things to Yourself Day? It is! No, don't bother to google it. This holiday will not be there...because you and I are the first to know about it. 

If "they" can have a Pancake Day-Feb5th, Create a Vacuum Day-Feb4 and the ever popular Read in the Bathtub Day-Feb9........why can't we also have a Say Kind Things To Yourself Day? 

SOMEBODY is making  these special holidays up, why not me? 

On Say Kind Things to Yourself Day you must concentrate on the way you speak to yourself. As you listen during the day, you will realize that you probably show more kindness to strangers than you do to yourself. 

You will catch yourself being mean and impatient. Being a bully (which is super unpopular right now.) 

The words that swirl around in your head will have no place to go. This holiday will involve a lot of unspoken words, you may end up having a pretty quiet day. But keep in mind that even your thoughts about yourself fall under the category of talking to yourself. (I made up the day so I can make up the rules.) So no cheating.

If your best friend missed a deadline or dropped a cup of coffee, what would you normally say and do? Would you speak the same words to your buddy that you speak to yourself? 

When you pick up a mirror today, smile into it and say words that are full of kindness. It may be very difficult and nearly impossible, I know. 

Several weeks ago I messed up something and out-loud I called myself an idiot. Instantaneously I heard God scold me, He said "Stop it, that's my girl!" 
You are a creation of God. He designed a unique masterpiece in you. You may disagree with His taste in people-making. But I can tell you right now, that arguing with God is a lose-lose proposition. He wins. Period. 

This day is already half over, but it's not too late to celebrate. This is the month of love, why not expand the holiday a bit and say kind things to yourself for a few more days? Leave a comment telling me how you celebrated Say Kind Things to Yourself Day.

Hey, if others can FORCE  themselves to eat pancakes on National Pancake Day, then it is not too much to ask you to speak kindly to yourself for a few hours. 

You can do this!

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  1. Love this! I needed this today. xo

  2. Thank you for this pleasant idea. Maybe we ought to make this a monthly thing.


  3. Who ME? yes, this is a wonderful idea...I wish I'd seen it sooner today. And here I just thought it was Lincoln's birthday! Who knew??? You are wonderful! And, btw, so am I! :)

  4. Oh yes, this is the day I need. I hope it's contagious, too!

    1. I bet it could be contagious if we kept it going. Pretty challenging actually.

  5. Seems like a true Hallmark opportunity to me. I think you could start marketing cards. Ooo, those kind where you can record a little message. Record something nice about yourself and every time you open it you can say, "oohhh you shouldn't have, but it's so true! I am magnificent!"

    1. Haha! Julie, I love this, you are a true entrepreneur!


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