Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Can't Dap...I Mean Nap

I do not have the ability to day sleep.
To pull the blinds, grab a blanket and take a nap.
Even today when I am sick.

My head is a helium filled balloon,
my eyes and nose are watering.
You are welcome; for that lovely picture.

When I talk, all my m's and n's 
sound like b's and d's.
Go ahead and try it, you'll see what I bead.

I closed my Mac, gathered a blanket around me
and hunkered down on the couch.
lalalala...I am staring at the ceiling.

These words start filtering in through the fog.
I say them aloud and chuckle at myself.
Must be a writer I guess.

Close my eyes again, shift around so
Layla is comfy at my feet.
lalalala...Nope, not a day-sleeper.

Layla groans at being dislodged while I reach for mr.mac.
or is my laptop a girl.
Mary mac mac mac.......all dressed in....

Oh dear. The meds must be kicking in.

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  1. I'm so sorry u r sick. I hope you feel better REAL soon! But you do write so funny while u r sick. I hope you took a dap, I mean nap.

  2. Praying you feel better soon and that you will be able to get the rest you need.

  3. Awww, you have my sympathy! I recognize one of my favorite things in your picture: Ricola's! Have you tried the Mixed Berry ones? They are my most-est favorite-ist ones!
    Feel better soon! I must add that I NEVER have a problem taking a dap. It's almost a necessity of my life!

  4. Aw sorry you are feeling yucky, but Layla is close- and that's just ducky! lol.
    Hugs, feel better. I thought you were MIA today.

  5. I sure hope you feel better soon. There's not much worse than not being able to sleep away part of the day when you're sick.

  6. Delightful! Not because you're sick, but because of the way you let us know. I love creativity.

  7. I like Mike's response. :) Fun post.


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