Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some Sneeze, Some Get a Goofy Grin

Yellow flowers appear before our eyes, a beautiful expanse of the bright sunny blossoms broken only by an occasional fence line along the road. It may sound like a movie script or a fairy-tale but Hubs & I both gasp aloud at the sight and immediately smile big goofy grins at one another. 

This scene took place a few days ago as it has happened almost every February for 35 years. We were driving in the country on our way to my favorite store to spend my Christmas gift card (thank you Sis!), and once again the fields of mustard surprised us and brought a warm glow. We laughed about how our romantic blossom is actually a weed. (It is, right?) Hubs said, "Some get roses, we get a yellow weed!" 

I married Hubs on the 18th day of February in 1978. Our church was out in the country surrounded by fields of the yellow mustard blossoms. Even though our wedding was inside, some of the photos taken outside have the yellow backdrop and since this flower always appears in February it has become jokingly "Our Flower". 

Thirty-five years! 

We say it to one another and shake our heads in amazement. 

Thirty-five years? Really? (Mentally do the math...yep, it has been that long.)

Two sons, seven homes, three towns, three churches, two dogs, two cats and one fish. 

Thirty-five years married to my best friend who was my best friend before he was my boyfriend. He was quiet, kind and shy. He made me laugh and treated me with more respect and honor than any previous boyfriend. His belief in me healed a wounded heart and revealed that I was worth cherishing. 

Last night as we sat on opposite ends of our couch, I caught him watching me instead of the television. He still treasures me. This man I married 35 years ago often looks at me with surprise and says, "I don't know how I got you." My response is different according to my mood. Sometimes, "You are one lucky man" and at other times just a shake of my head and a sigh of "Stop it."

The last two years have been difficult in every other part of our life, but we are closer and more on the same page than at any time in our relationship. He is my rock. His humor, his kindness and his love for God have carried us through the big questions that every marriage must go through. 

Thirty-five years. That's a lot of morning coffees, dinners, carpooling, TV watching, squabbling, shopping, waiting, kid's birthdays, crying and laughing. It is countless Sunday mornings in church, evenings out with friends, naps, and arguments about what to have for dinner. This man I married is still my best friend, my most trusted confidant, the one who can make me laugh at the wrong time.

We are opposites in so many ways. Recently a mutual friend posted a question on Facebook, wondering if married couples took a compatibility test like on e-harmony, would we be matched up or not? Hubs and I agreed that we would rather not know, why mess with a good thing?

The bright yellow mustard blossoms are our good thing. Every year the fields around here burst with the shockingly sunny color. The same plant that causes allergy-suffering to our friends, creates goofy smiles for us. This yellow weed takes us back to our original promises to one another. And they also remind us that we are constantly renewing our promises and finding new ways to say "I love you". (One of my promises is to never make him wear a maroon tux again. It was the 70's!)

Happy February everyone, enjoy the month of LOVE!

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  1. Swooning at the beauty of this post, my friend. THank you for taking the time to share this touching perspective of your marriage and life. I wonder if our hubs aren't somewhat alike...the humor part you talk about and shyness...reminds me of my man too. And we, their opposites- yet soul mates! Happy Friday and thanks for linking!

    1. Thanks Dawn, I agree that our men could probably be friends (if FORCED into the same room together!).

  2. Congratulations. That is certainly a joy and accomplishment not everyone can so lovingly claim. A beautiful story with beautiful emotional scenery.

    1. Yes Julie, I know it is not a "normal" story for so many others. I do not take my marriage for granted at all and I wondered about hurt feelings of others after posting this. Thank you for coming by.

  3. Awwwww......congrats...I don't know what else to say.

  4. Beautiful photo and you've been blessed with a beautiful marriage, too. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations. It is nice to have someone in your life that is in love with you all these years. God blesses those who follow Him. Last November, we celebrated 44 years.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I am always thankful to God to see marriages that thrive after many years. I have 21 to go to get to 35, I hope we are as happy as you and your hubs.

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  8. That was beautiful! THe Mustard flowers and the tribute to your hubs. Congratulations on your 35th anniversary also!
    We have some mustard plants growing along side the road near here also...and the flowers are lovely, even if they are a weed!! Someone said the road dept. planted sod there after construction, but it turned out to be full of these "weeds". I think the "weeds" are much prettier than the sod! Now I will think of you and your hubs everytime I see them!!! Thank you for this wonderful post tonight. I must start thinking about what to write about my man. He'll be 65 on Feb. 16th,and we've been together over 43 years! I'm sure I can find something good to say! LOL


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