Friday, March 15, 2013

A Snob's Confession

I made a disturbing discovery about myself today. I guess I am a bit of a PRINT vs ONLINE snob. 

I value online writing very much, it's what I do. 

But today in the mail I found the latest family-themed magazine from Focus on the Family, which I receive because I have contributed a short devotional to it. I excitedly thumbed through it and I WAS NOT THERE! I was pretty sure they told me I would be in the March issue of their print version.

I went online and put my name in the search box of their website and there I was in two versions on their website several months ago. 

I was disappointed. 

And that quick feeling of disappointment revealed the truth. I value print over online publication don't I? I did not think it mattered to me at all, I prided myself on writing for online readers. It is not about the money either way. I was paid very well for this short little devotional for families on the go. It was supposed to be something a family could do in the car or at a meal time. 

Obviously there is still some old school in me that considers a paper version of my writing to be more important than an online version. 

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  1. I can understand that! I recently edited what I thought was an ebook, but instead it is a hardcopy book and immediately it seemed more significant!

  2. It's all good. Just keep writing and praise the Lord for the opportunities to be His vessel, whether in print or online. You are a blessing, and we are so proud of what God is doing! Proud in a good way.

  3. I wonder if that's a more difficult thing for those of us who grew up on printed media? Perhaps because we did, we automatically equate that with "real" publication. Plus, I think there's something about a print copy we can hold up and show someone else. But how wonderful that something you wrote is blessing families. :)

  4. Oh you are cute and honest, but it is all good. You may reach more people in the online mag than in the print. When I compare sales of my books and then how many might read an article of mine in a magazine, wow, the mag might reach thousands more people. I do like physical copies more, something I can hold.

  5. Well, Hey, Congrats anyway! It's not easy to write those succinct devos, either, so hats off to you. (But I know what you mean.)

  6. this is so interesting! maybe this is why i'm not intimidated writing on my blog, but i'm terrified about trying to write a book.

  7. Congrats on your devotion being published, Susie. It's great no matter how it's printed.


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